About Us

InsideOut is a voice for the Asian-Pacific Ultimate community. Ultimate is exploding in our region and we want to act as a megaphone for the smart, innovative, and passionate people that make our sport great.


We cover everything that makes Ultimate players tick, on and off the field, and are driven to bring you the best stories from a diverse range of perspectives. Like all Ultimate players, this site has personality. We ask every writer to share something of themselves and, in turn, we ask our readers to respect them and their views. We encourage debate and discussion (and probably some jokes as well) with the intent of pushing the community forward.


If you want to add your voice or have the beginning of a great story, get in touch at <email address to come>

Much love,

Mark & Max


Mark Evans


Loves Ultimate Frisbee, but not more than a fresh pair of socks or a hot shower after a cold training session.

Max Halden


Secret super power is an ability to convince you to do things you already kind of wanted to do.