Team Captains Terrified As Rookie Announces Thumber To Be ‘Game Ready’

Captains of a local club team have held an emergency meeting to discuss their rookie’s throwing practice routines.

The Pillsbury Poltergeists are a class outfit and take their frisbee very seriously, a notion that has recently come under threat, as more and more Youtube tutorials of wild, whacky, completely un-usable throws are released every day.

“I’ve seen them throwing when none of the senior players are around, it’s literally just hours of them finding different ways to throw the disc into the ground. Not a flat backhand in sight.” lamented captain Blake Truman.

“I know they’re mostly joking” Truman agreed when asked if he was perhaps taking the sport a little too seriously, “but there are a couple of real loose units in that outfit, I’m talking proper idiots. So I’m just crossing my fingers they don’t convince themselves that busting out the ‘upside down pizza-waffle’ in the semi-final is a good idea”.