Keyboard Warrior The Real Winner Of 2018 U24 World Championships

Local keyboard Warrior, Lars Olsen, is expecting his U24 gold medal to arrive in the mail any day now, after clocking an incredible 564 comments across the week's U24 livestreamed games.

Olsen, operating under the guise of 'BigBoi420BlazeIt', is sure that his barrage of nonsensical finger-diahorrea has earned him at least some respect among the international Ultimate community. 

"There was some real gold in there," said Olsen earnestly, "People ask me how I do it and I don't really have an answer for them. I just feel the flow of comments and know what to write to really add colour and character to the discussion. I think I'd make a great commentator so WFDF if you're reading this, slide into my DMs, let's talk."

"I also think I'm probably better than like, 95% of players at that tournament," continued Olsen without prompting, "so many teams were struggling to complete passes, they needed a visionary thrower like me on the line. I mean come on, the wind didn't even look that bad, more of a 'thrower's breeze'."

Chuffed with his enduring performance over the 7 days of play, Olsen has said he will spend the next few days, while waiting for his medal to arrive, looking over some of the gems he gifted to the online Ultimate community:

  • "Hi"

  • "First comment"

  • "Travel"

  • "Do you even lift bro?"

  • "Anyone wanna have a nang party?"

  • "What's the score?"

  • "Alan u r shit"

  • "These throwers suck, sub me in coach!"

  • "JP get someone to do a dance!"

  • "Is it even windy?"

  • "Travel"