Rookie Immediately Regrets Layout Off Pier

Caught up in the excitement of a summer beach outing with friends, local Ultimate rookie, Lauren Hastings made the questionable decision to layout off a 2m high pier for a disc thrown by her friend.

Not known for her graceful layouts, Lauren’s bid attempts had often been compared to a witnessing car crash, horrific but difficult to look away from. 

And this layout was no different.

Limbs flailing, her outstretched hand at least 3m from the poorly tossed disc, and a look of desperate regret painted across her face, Lauren was seen impacting the water face and belly first, with a crack that bystanders described as “cringe-worthy”.

“For a brief moment we thought she had died”, said best friend, Hayley Resh, who was responsible for the wayward disc.

“She just lay there, face down, for about 30 seconds, before starting to swim for shore”, continued Resh, drying the tears of laughter from her eyes, “we made her swim back out and get the disc though”.

One eye-witness said that a few merciless bystanders even had the presence of mind to hold up numbers on paper, scoring the dive. Predictably, the hilarious incident received 10’s all round.