AMUC D2 2017 Recap

By Nic Lelli

AMUC 2017 D2 Finals commentator and Aussie Thunder co-captain, Nic Lelli, gives us his insights into last weekend’s action at Nelson Bay, as teams from around the country battled for the Australian Mixed D2 title.

440 athletes, 880 cleats, 1992 points scored, 43 lost water bottles, 27 sunburnt necks, 239 and a half successful layouts, countless sick plays and 1 hell of a tournament. 

This past weekend all the action from AMUCDIV2 took place in Nelson Bay, NSW, with 24 teams from across the country travelling to the picturesque coastal town for some good times and great ultimate. Only in its second year, the National division 2 tournament showcased a wealth of elite ultimate, attracting the full range of experience levels - from players who’ve featured on the world stage, to those playing their first tournament. It was a pleasure to witness the professional attitudes and dedication of tournament organisers and athletes who have raised the bar with what to expect at a division 2 competition.


The recent three-day format tested the skills of each player in just about every weather condition. With rain soaking the fields on the first day, wind wreaking havoc on the second, and a calm sunny sky for finals day, teams tinkered and tweaked searching for whatever advantage they could gain. The conditions also testing spectators, as they grew frustrated after continuously folding and unfolding their umbrellas. 

Players, after a hard day of games, didn’t have to replay the best plays from the day in their mind as they usually would. Instead, they could watch themselves in full display thanks to streamed footage provided by the team. As a player, it’s always exciting and a terrific opportunity for improvement when you’re able to watch yourself on the field. If you’re not into in-depth video analysis, it’s always an opportunity to heckle teammates for that questionable end zone look on an important point. You can catch all the streamed games plus highlights on Ultimate Frisbee Australia’s YouTube channel (link below).

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to catch several of the games and watched as teams and individuals figuratively sky’d their expectations. Impressive to see was McDuffs competitive attitude on display, not just in Nelson bay but in lead up competitions as well. Coming off the back of a loss in last year’s AMUCDIV2 final, you could feel McDuffs want for that sweet, sweet gold. Unfortunately for them, a strong Newcastle outfit ended up being too good for the hungry squad from Darlinghurst, nonetheless their efforts, energy and training helped not only lift the calibre of their team, but the whole tournament. 

On an individual level, I was entertained by athletes battling it out during every game I watched. My adrenaline was pumping, I was absolutely frothing at the mouth, just itching to be out there playing some seriously competitive friz. The insane layouts from McDuff’s Alfred Lauw resembled more of a falcon than a human being, and Amanda “Mindy” Parker from Hills seemed to be successfully chasing down a huck every time I glanced over. 

As for the results, Pie wagon out of Newcastle took first and second place in a competitive derby final, whilst McDUFF A snatched bronze and Extinction out of Brisbane snagged spirit. For a comprehensive report of scores and standings visit the Australian Flying Disc Association website (link below).

Thanks to the work of everyone behind the scenes, the tournament was, in all areas, an outstanding success. The standard of play at this year’s tournament improved immensely and hopefully this trend will continue in the coming seasons. The push from committee members, player organisations and individuals to make national competitions more competitive, appealing and enjoyable for everyone involved has produced another excellent tournament over the weekend.

For those who enjoyed playing or watching the action over the weekend and are now experiencing some serious ‘post tourney frizza withdrawals’ never fear. Just around the corner this weekend you’ll be able to catch live coverage and info form AMUCDIV1! All aboard the hype train, we’ll see you in Hobart…choo choo!

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