AMUC Div 1 Preview:

Hills (NSW)

By team captain

Hills Ultimate are a staple in the Sydney community.  Having already achieved their goal to qualify for AMUC Div 1, the team is excited to compete with the best in Hobart

Team name

Hills Mixed Youth + Joe.   

Give us a short history of your team
Hills League has had many representative teams over the years but this is the first time we have made a youth focused team.
If you're a returning team, who's in and who's out from last years (or previous years) side?
Hannah Monty, Chris Scammell, Mitch Sutton, and Alicia Handley played with the Hills Div 1 team last year but so did powerhouses such as Tim Gee, Pete Gardener, and Ken Shepherd who are not returning. 

What are your goals for the tournament?

Our goal for the season was to make it to Div 1 so we need a new goal... to win a few games and be competitive in the rest 

How would you sum up your team in 3 words?
Young, fast, punny

Who should we be looking out for?

Nic Lelli, you wont miss his large mane-like mop of red hair, young up and comer who still has another U19 campaign to go before he starts thinking about moving into u24s and open age competitions. Betty Tan, one of the quitest but also funniest on the team, pun master, giver of dad jokes, has been struggling with injury lately but will be keeping team moral high all tournament

Who are you most looking forward to playing?
Funskee, we expect to be walloped but have a lot of friends on the team, many having played with us last year and most coming from Hills League

What do you think of the 'endzone decides' rules?

We are very confident in our women and used the endzone decides rule to our advantage often. We have made a zone play that works better with 4 women that we will be looking to exploit over the weekend. Can't wait til we take it one step further and use the prescribed ratio rule.

If your team was stranded on a desert island and you could only take one other team from AMUC, which would it be and why?
Meraki - They look like one of the oldest teams so will bring some experience and wisdom which will be a good counter to us as the younger team, and in the even that our peaceful coexistence falls apart we can outrun them and pick them off one by one to eat when the food runs out