AMUC Div 1 Preview:

 Kunanyi (TAS)

By team captain

Kunyani are the host team for AMUC 2018. Will the home ground advantage play to their strengths?

Team name


Give us a short history of your team
We formed in 2015 as a group of Hobart-based players that wanted to go to AMUC, led by a few experienced hands. That year we took home the prize of most spirited team! We were unable to go to AMUC in 2016, but we're back again this year, naturally, since we're the home team!
If you're a returning team, who's in and who's out from last years (or previous years) side?
Lots of changes, most notably being the absence of captain Mich Rogers through injury. The only returning players from 2015 are Baker, Strops and Leo.

What are your goals for the tournament?
To repeat as the most Spirited team! But if we can also manage to win a game that'd be a bonus.

How would you sum up your team in 3 words?
"Be our guest"? Too corny. "Local tour guides" may end up being closer to the mark, but we'll go with: "Hobart's spirited team".

Who should we be looking out for?

Captain and Aus Masters rep Mike Baker will be leading from the front, and recently arrived mainland ex-pat Steve Kassar will be adding some much needed height, but look out for some of our young guns: Nationals-level 400m sprinter Sam Lind will add some of her lightning-quick deep cuts to our long game, along with sneaky-fast Charlotte Blake. The team is also being ably coached by Australian Juniors coach Steve Wright.

Who are you most looking forward to playing?
Anyone we haven't played before, which is everyone! We don't get off this island much.

What do you think of the 'endzone decides' rules?
In favour. It hasn't altered our roster decisions, and we look forward to seeing it work at AMUC.

If your team was stranded on a desert island and you could only take one other team from AMUC, which would it be and why?

We're already stranded on a desert island! 

But, since you're forcing us to pick another team we'll pick... Vanguard. We have it on good authority that Ailsa and Badics know how to party.