NZMUC 2017 Preview:

Rotorua Ultimate

By team captain

Only team so far to work 'geothermal pressure' and a brains trust zombie fodder joke into the mix, Rotorua Ultimate have our backing to go deep into the tournament

Team name

Rotorua Ultimate

Give us a short history of your team
Formed under intense and ancient geothermal pressure, Rotorua Ultimate has been millions of years in the making, but finally burst onto the national outdoor scene at NZMUC16, joining our neighbours from Mt Maunganui in the first ever Bay of Plenty team. Results? Really, can you put a placing on camaraderie? Or learning? Or a shared love of Nandos? Oh, you can? Well, let's just say that no matter what, we'll end up placing higher this year than we did last year... But we do have a pretty awesome reputation for spirit.
If you're a returning team, who's in and who's out from last years (or previous years) side?
Due to a gruelling off-season and (with hindsight) ill-advised geyser-based team building exercise, we return with only a small core of last year's players. We supplement them with a wealth of new Rotorua talent, and round the team out with some friends from Auckland and the Mount. 

What are your goals for the tournament?
Like any cliched sporting team, we'll be there to win, but we'll be keeping  our eye on the ball and taking it one game at a time. That, and heckling PB (he's one of our own, but it's just so much fun!).

How would you sum up your team in 3 words?
Distracted by doggos.

Who should we be looking out for?
You'll want to keep an eye on our  rookie power couple of Chelsea ""The Cutter"" Culter and Mark ""The Hunter"" Hunt as they continue a stellar breakout season.
We'll also dazzle you to distraction with the ever-present smile and pearly white enthusiasm of Danny ""The Dentist"" Lee.


Who are you most looking forward to playing?

As a newer region, it'll be great to measure ourselves against opposition from around the country, but most importantly we're looking forward to facing our nearest neighbours and sworn enemies, the frisbee flinging filth that is Hammertrash! Other teams may struggle with the smell of their trash, but in Rotorua we've been training for years to cope. 

What do you think of the 'endzone decides' rules?

We formed our roster by the time-honoured tradition of seeing who was able to play and then twisting enough extra arms to last the full weekend. But we do think the rule is a fairer way to play, more in keeping with the principle of spirit. Looking at early rosters we seem to have a more even split than many teams, and we know we can bank on the fitness of our women, so hopefully we'll be able to use it to our advantage.
In the event of a zombie apocalypse, which team do you think would be the first to go, and why? And who would you team up with?

Probably already turned: Gang Green.

First to be eaten: surely the delicious sounding Canelê.
Most zombie-nutritious: Marvellous DC, with the executive officer and board chair - the braaaiins trust of NZU.
Teaming up with: AUUC Flood (zombies can't swim, right?