NZMUC 2017 Preview:

UCUC Honey Badgers 

By team captain

"UCUC Honey Badgers?" "Yes, yes we see the Honey Badgers, you don't need to ask twice."

Team name

The UCUC Honey Badgers 

Give us a short history of your team

The UCUC Honey Badgers is the University of Canterbury’s Top level team. The team is mixture of alumini and current students with most students having started their Ultimate journey within UCUC. Previously UC as a whole has only been able to send one team to nationals, so this is our first year splitting social players and competitive players. This combination team CAME 16TH LAST YEAR!!!!!                            
If you're a returning team, who's in and who's out from last years (or previous years) side?
Our Loyal Comrades back for another year are
Joe Penaia – Last years MVP
Zeana Mansell – Last years MVP
Mike Muldrew 
Yani Nicholson
Caitlin Wood
Georgia Crosby
Returning Defectors
Ben Johnstone
Matt Furze
Ryan Sheridan
Alumni Players
Tom Fraser
Keith Algar
David Jacobson
Mon Go-ss
Fresh Meat
Ari Ryan
Maia Mancefreire
Rebecca Fagan
Jeremy Snyder

What are your goals for the tournament?
Beat our seed, Scope out Hamilton town, Outdrink the oldies and Throw more hammers

How would you sum up your team in 3 words?

Making Goose Proud

Who should we be looking out for?

Maia Mancefriere - Balancing being the sassiest player on the team with actual skills is a talent that Maia was gifted with. A current member of Kahu, Maia’s aim in life is to become the Beyoncé in her group of friends (you’ll get there Maia). Look out for her especially off field cause her calls are unparalleled. 

Mike Muldrew - The Tallest player on our team also has the largest fan group ever. Coincidence, I think not! Providing the best sideline cuddles, Mike is also sometimes useful on the field. Gooses Prodigy for the year (RIP Ben Johnstone) comes on field with some fire ready to get every D.

Who are you most looking forward to playing?
EVERYBODY (yeah) especially the Aussies

What do you think of the 'endzone decides' rules?

Buckle up, this rule is fantastic. It is the best way to ensure more woman in ultimate as a 50:50 game time ratio is attainable. UCUC loves ladies.
In the event of a zombie apocalypse, which team do you think would be the first to go, and why? And who would you team up with?
Definitely teaming up with the UCUC pythons for the ultimate club bonding experience. Apocalypse Party 2K18 @UCUCEXEC??. With the coach Nick Pannu and manager Sam Masters taking player roles in Sharknado they will be the first to go.