2018 BCI Preview (Womens)

Updated: Mar 31, 2018

With the Brisbane Canberra Invitational (BCI) just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to showcase some of the phenomenal talent we can expect to see from our women’s division at the tournament.

Jack Lilwall, brief your drones/photographers – there are going to be more sick bids than you could possibly hope to capture next weekend in the women’ division!

Bauhaus (Melbourne)

With Mish Phillips over in Colombia with Revolution, Bauhaus lose a massive player, mentor and leader from their roster this season. Meanwhile hubby Col Fink has jumped in as Bauhaus’s first ever male coach and went on record to say “This is continuing a long and not-so-proud Australian frisbee tradition of picking intermediate male players as coaches and the entire club is ashamed of the decision”.

The team continue their track record of international exchanges with the talented Yukie Yamaguchi joining their ranks for the season. Clare Hussey and Joy Lee follow up a stellar performance as MCs at Mish & Col’s wedding by bolstering Bauhaus’s line up, alongside experienced names like Lucy Stevenson, Laura Cortes Castrillon, Karen Baker and Kaitlin Richards. Georgia Sullivan is just coming off her Stingrays campaign and has learned to bid so I’m excited to watch her dominate! Lastly, shout out to Sarah Bate who is stepping up from the Reserves this year and is possibly the only player I know who rocks up to tryouts straight from a triathlon. Bauhaus are testing out some interesting new offensive strategies and Japanese-style zone, so I’m keeping an eye out for those on the weekend.

Fuse (Brisbane)

Coached by Anson Chun and with girls like Kat Smith, Sophie Taylor and Viv Yuen coming off a successful Stingrays campaign, Fuse have redefined their brand of ultimate this season (although my suspicions are that, if anything, their new swag is really driving the shift in playing style). We saw some fierce defensive pressure, athleticism and bids from them at SMO and can expect more at BCI.

The girls take a hit at BCI in losing strong down fielders Sophie Taylor and Bekah Ziegman to Ellipsis as part of their preparation for WUCC, but gain Kat Smith who was missing at SMO and is also training for her WUCC campaign with Friskee. Fuse has solid experience to its name in players like Dom Simpson, Tam Davis and Jodie Brown. Keen to see what the home ground advantage does for these ladies over the weekend!

Factory (Canberra)

Factory boast a massive three teams this year, sending one all-star line up to division 1 AUC and two teams to division 2. This year, Factory have picked up some big hands with Kim Spragg and Erin Dowle, which saw them take out 2nd place in the Eastern region a few weeks ago. At BCI, the girls lose Spragg to Ellipsis, as well as losing a number of other players including Maya Suzuki, Belinda Wilson and Heather Tolley. I’ll be keeping an eye out for Liz Edye’s low inside flick and Factory’s overall clinical and quick-moving offence. With the added depth in their handler line up this year, I won’t be surprised to see the deep game play a more dominant role in their season. Downfield, I’ll be keeping an eye on Bluebottles, Abbie Dawson and Caitlin Grange, as well as Liz de Hoog next weekend.

Ellipsis (Melbourne)

Everyone loves a good underdog story and these girls need all the help they can get…reigning champions Ellipsis have split their full WUCC roster into two teams for BCI (including players who are playing with their regional clubs for AUC). The split is roughly D/O with Crystal Cheung, Kerry Justus and Ruby Anderson jumping over from the D line to fill in the O line roster. Lippy are also picking up two young development players from SA and TAS for this tourney: Maddy Smith and Olivia Carr. I’m really excited to see this play out because it’s going to be a totally different dynamic and should allow their lines to intensely strengthen connections in a short period of time. Amidst their hectic training camp schedule and strong performance against our men in the VUL, these girls will have their eyes on the prize.

Rogue (Sydney)

Rogue has had a substantial changing of the guard this year and have been extremely fortunate to have the amazing Bree Edgar step up and coach in her free time from coaching Ellipsis. You can expect big heart, big hair and big bids from the Rogue girls next weekend (the #topknots hide the fact that most of us are barely scraping 5’ 3”). With eight Stingrays, the team's average age is so low we’re struggling to find eligible drivers. Our roster is largely made up of utilities so we’ll be looking to win games with athletic plays, smart decision making and using the depth in our roster. We’re excited to have Shannon Bubb join our ranks this year coming off her campaigns with Nightlock in the States. Cath O’Neill, Bella See, Ali Zalums, Deb Lee, Eunice Cheung, Georgia Ewan and myself are also playing with Friskee at WUCC later this year, so expect these AUC connections to continue paying off into the mixed season.

Is that it?

This year we see five clubs and six teams fighting it out in our women’s division at BCI, two teams short of the allocation. Speaking to our friends over in Adelaide and Perth, it sounds like this WUCC year is proving too costly for frivolities like BCI. In their absence, here are a few words on the rest of our division.

Like Ellipsis, Kaos (Perth) are training for WUCC over in Cincinnati later this year. As in most years, Kaos is largely shrouded in mystery (backing track: Scooby Doo theme song) heading into nationals, without appearances at warm up tournaments. This year Steph Maher, Gen Woods and Mayzinn Yong re-join the ranks of Kaos from rival club Sisko for their WUCC debut, while our own Helen Epstein joins Kaos from the east coast. Ali Lim and Max Qua come fresh off their Stingrays campaign and Sarah Brereton (Stingrays Assistant Coach) joins the WUCC roster as Player/Coach. I’m also keeping an eye out for big plays from the talented Ellie Murray-Yong. We can expect quick movement and athletic plays from these girls and like lippy, they’ve been scrimmaging against the boys in the lead up to WUCC (get it girls!)

GWS (Sydney) have proven strong contenders in their second year as a club, taking out the top spot at both Eastern Regionals and SMO and earning them a comfortable spot as second seed heading into AUC. In place of BCI, GWS have opted for bringing home the coveted trophy at Sydney’s one day tournament Tempe Takeoff. Watch out for young superstar Holly Reeve, among a roster of talented and experienced ladies – Hannah Monty, Bec Carman and Amanda Hudson to name a few.

Zig Theory (Adelaide) boasts seven players heading to WUCC with Vanguard in the mixed division, which means we can expect more athletic plays than ever. As always, we will see a lot of heart and hard work from this team. Zig took second place against Ellipsis at Southern Regionals, ahead of Bauhaus and Phoenix. Keep an eye out for Michaela Dunmall’s massive aerial end zone plays and Ailsa Enting-Hawke and Sarah Middleton’s boss throws. For the first time in a long time (ever?), Adelaide also welcomes a second team to its women’s scene with Valkyrie representing in division 2 after scoring almost double what any other team had scored against Ellipsis at Southern Regionals.

In their 3rd year, Phoenix (Melbourne) return to division 1 at AUC for the second time and bring an impressive coaching line up with them in Seb Barr, Chloe McDonald and Cron Hudson. Phoenix picks up some experienced players this year with Gail Cocking, Ash Thornton and Katie Newman joining their ranks, and with Rach Mihatsch on board we can expect to see some phat bids (what keyhole surgery?). Rainbow Apostol is back from leading Inferno in division 2 and Kate "Robbo" Robertson is fresh off a breakout Bluebottles campaign, which adds strength alongside Phoenix’s solid returning roster. These girls will be high energy, tanned and bring the #bant – Lilly Baring I’m looking at you.

I haven’t done my research yet on our friends over in New Zealand, ChCh Chicks, but we’re pumped to play them at AUC! Our kiwi mates are known for great spirit and tall receivers, which should make for an interesting match up for our shawtys on Rogue Pash.

To all the boys flying up to sunny Brisvegas, let’s get around our ladies next weekend and squeeze in some cheeky viewing of elite women’s ultimate during the byes #playlikeagirl