2018 WUCCout Guide #1: Gym

The 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships are just around the corner and teams/players are working hard to be in peak physical condition for the tournament. Lifting at the gym has become an essential component of any athlete's workout regime looking to compete on the world stage (or any stage) in our sport.

Have you been thinking of joining a local gym and taking your game to the next level? Well for your convenience (and inspiration) we've compiled a short list of example gym sessions used by top AU and NZ teams looking to impress at WUCC 2018.

So don't let your dreams be dreams!

Eva Weatherall - Melbourne Ellipsis

Workout ethos: "Get into a good weekly routine early on and stick to it :)"

This is a "skills" day I developed for a previous programme. I enjoy it because it's a mix of different exercises and a whole body workout.

It's important to make sure you warm up to the heavier lifts e.g for squats something like 1x5 with the bar, 1x5 at 2-3 weights working up to your working weight, and maybe 1x1-2 at a weight just a bit lower than your working weight. Same for bench.

Warm up (e.g. 5 min bike, dynamic stretching, glute work, shoulder warm up etc)

Main set

  • 3x3 back squat (at 85% of your 1RM max)

  • 3x3 bench press at 85%

  • 4x6 single leg deadlifts

  • 4x10 box jumps

  • 4xAMRAP pull ups (assisted is all good, just make sure it's a weight where you can do 5

  • 10 pull ups and the last few are pretty tough)

  • 4x10 barbell bent over row

Cool down (stretch and roll)

Rob Andrews, Sydney Colony

Workout ethos: "Always find something that you find fun, and do that the most"

Gym should be fun, so make sure to include your favourite exercise. It doesn't matter if you did it yesterday - you can do it again.

Time: <1hr, longer than that and it's too hard to maintain max effort

Leg-focused day

  • Warm-up: some stretching, some rolling, checking yourself out in the mirror, whatever you want reall

  • 5x4 squats - 1min rest between sets. Focus on slow down, fast up. [bonus: In the rest between sets do as many chin-ups as you can]

  • 4 x 6 power cleans/hanging cleans - takes some practice and would reccommend learning from someone who knows what they are doing, but well [worth the difficulty in starting. Beginners: Hang Cleans Intermediate/Advanced: Power Cleans

  • 4 x 5 Hip thrusters - quite fun and great for the glutes. Can really load the weight on once you start getting better.

  • 4x6 (each leg) Bulgarian Split Squat - really gets the glute and hip flexor. Hold dumbbells in each hand for added difficulty

Finish of with bicpes for obvious reasons.

Bicep curls drop set:

  1. Go to the curls machine and set it to the heaviest you can lift

  2. Complete as many reps as you can

  3. Drop the weight by 2 settings

  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until you can't lift the lightest one.

Liam Haberfield - New Zealand Marvellous DC

Workout ethos: "Listen to your body and don't skip the basics"

Warm up (5 per leg x 3 round)

Main Focus (Max weight for 8 reps x 3 rounds)

Warm down (Self Myofascial Release AKA foam roller work)

  • Tensor fasciae latae (TFL)

  • Calves

  • Hamstrings

Cath O'Neill - Sydney Friskee

Workout ethos: "I’ve got to plan out when I do my sessions in advance to hold myself accountable. With full time work and other commitments it’s really easy to fall behind. Having a routine and sticking to it is the best. Also remember if you have had a couple of slack weeks in terms of training, that doesn’t mean you should give up completely on what ever program you’re trying to do. Get back on the horse and on Monday hit the gym even if it’s the first time in a month, something is always better than nothing."

I love gym sets that make me sore the day or two after. Sometimes I find it hard to do a set that pushes me enough- especially if I try to fit it in before work. Instead, I’ll set aside 1-1.5 hours for a solid set early in the week after work when I don’t have as much time pressure.


  • 3 x weighted hip thrusts (10x30kg) and single leg split squats (5x30kg per leg) super set


  • 3 x Bench press (3x10x25kg)

  • 3 x Over head shoulder press with dumbbells (3x10x12kg)

  • Then maybe some cheeky bicep curls #noshame.

Always end with a core set

  • 3 x Dead bugs 5kg X 20,

  • 3 x TRX Oblique swings x20

  • 3 x Oblique twists x 20

The gym can be scary. I’ve been going for less than a year and I can say from experience it definitely gets less scary. Also I thought it was 'dungbell' not 'dumbbell' until August last year...so if I can do it you can too!

John Greenfield, Newcastle Pie Wagon

Workout ethos: "Ramp up your training volume slow and steady. The worst thing you can do is get a training injury that puts you back at ground zero. Your body has to have time to adjust to the extra workload. Get serious about recovery and flexibility. You need at least 4 comprehensive stretching sessions a week to improve mobility and prevent muscle strains."

Objective: leg strength, endurance and aerobic capacity

Warm-up/stretch focus: glutes, hamstrings, adductors, lower back. Use 5-10kg hand-weight on each exercise

Main set

Round 1: 20 step-ups (30-50cm) + 20 deep squats x 2

1 minute rest

Round 2: 20 lateral lunges + 20 step ups with single-leg jumps x 2

1 minute rest

Round 3: 10 single leg squats (both legs) + 10 single-leg calf raises (both legs) x 2

1 minute rest

Round 4: 20 sec wall-sit + 30 mountain climbers x 2

1 minute rest

Round 5: 20 lying hip-lifts + 20 pulse-squats x 2

1 minute rest

Round 6: 10 oblique leg-drops + 10 pike-crunches x 2

1 minute rest

Repeat the set!

Then check in and ask yourself “Can I still move my legs?”

Yes? Do last 4 rounds again

No? Do round 6

Curl up and cry - tomorrow you’ll feel amazing!