WFDF Advanced Rules Quiz To Be Used As Final Test For Navy SEALs

After gaining notoriety in the Ultimate community, the WFDF Advanced Rules of Ultimate Accreditation Quiz will soon be used to ensure Navy SEALs are combat ready.

While ostensibly a test of rules knowledge, the Advanced Accreditation Quiz is, actually, a university-level comprehension exam, a test of patience and resolve, and a UN-approved form of torture all rolled into one. Proponents of the Quiz say it is the ultimate mental preparation for an active war zone.

"Believe it or not, Spirit of the Game is very applicable to modern warfare", one nameless, ruthlessly efficient, killing machine said. "Improvised explosive device lands amongst the squad. Obvious foul, contest, send it back."

IOU reached out to middling Nationals player, Sharon Goh, to ask about her take on the Quiz.

“Getting rules accredited is the single worst thing about any eighteen month period of my life. I’m pretty sure the shear strain of interpreting a clearly-out-to-trick-me question then finding and interpreting the corresponding rule gave me a concussion once.”

“I think the rules quiz is the biggest barrier to the mainstream adoption of the sport,” Goh said. Then added, “Or at least evidence that most of us should never make any calls ever.”

“Good luck incumbent Navy SEALs,” she said. “You’re going to need it.”