AOBUC Final Day, How and Why to Watch!

These are the things I have seen stop a game of grass Ultimate: dogs off leashes, kinda-near lightning, two kangaroos, a snake, no game disc, searches for missing teeth, a fight, and generally gross or unplayable storms. These are the things I have seen stop a game of beach ultimate: absolutely bloody nothing.

Earlier tonight the Reef Sharks played their AOBUC semi-final against Japan in the middle of a growing typhoon. The old beach pick up joke, “Hey, let’s force ocean, ha-ha,” became suddenly not very funny. Parts of the field were more sea than shore, the shade tent poles had literally sunk underwater. The whole thing looked as if the tournament organisers had made some huge miscalculations in their reading of the tides. Yikes.

Oh, and it was raining. And there were 80km/h winds. And the creeping water was apparently warmer than the air, prompting some fans to root for the ocean. Just absolute madness, really, but they played on! And the portrait-mode, sideline live stream continued! Unbelievable.

Random screenshot taken during the stream. Yes, those are shade tents. I'm guessing this still doesn't really do it justice.

Despite being down at half 7-1, our Reef Sharks were boosted by a big Team Australia sideline, and looked for a moment like making a Matildas kind of comeback. Some stellar plays got the Shirahama and Facebook crowds interested and right on board the Paine train, but the up-typhoon breaks required were too many. The Japanese prevailed 8-4.

The Mud Crabs and Hammerheads faced the same conditions in their final game of the day. Inside Out is not currently aware of any Australian players blowing away in the wind, though stay tuned for updates as they come to hand.

Elite Beach Ultimate is a crazy kind of game. It’s slower than regular Ultimate because of the whole sand issue, and there seems to be way more turns, but it’s fun. Bids aplenty. Wacky throws with a bright pink disc. Everyone looks gassed after the first change of possession, and so long points quickly become battles of sheer will - and aren’t those the best kind of battles? Isn’t Ultimate at its best when four consecutive narrowly-missed deep shots are not enough to deter a fifth? Don’t we want to see endless give-go’s and gratuitous bids and hucks into the wind? Yes to all.

I love it. I love its vibe. Just look at this content!

Now that’s just top shelf material. Truly great gear. And there’s just one day left of this crazy tournament, let’s get around Team Australia and win some medals.

Australian Mixed Teams

The Hammerheads:

Our Mixed Masters team, competing in the Mixed any-age division (Greeny has transcended age classifications anyway, so no biggie), went down on universe in a semifinal against the Boracay Pirates. Arrgh. They’re playing in the bronze medal match on the official stream Sunday morning, 9:30am Sydney time (AEST). Move cities or do your own math if you’re not in the #gcoe.

The Mud Crabs:

After losing a quarter to the Hammerheads, the Mud Crabs are tearing up the fivals bracket. They’re playing off for fifth against trans-tasman rivals Marvellous DC, also at 9:30am AEST. The game will be streamed via their Facebook page. Joe Hoppe topping the stats for the Mud Crabs so far. Send us a meme about it Bops.

Giddy Up:

I played Longest Day 2016 with Giddy Up as a last minute pick up... And look at them now! Representing Australia as a club team, pitting Big Rob Dehollander against the best Asia-Oceania has to offer. Hannah Monty is the second highest stat getter in the whole freakin’ tournament. G-g-g-giddy up. They’re playing off for ninth against Korea tomorrow. The game will be streamed via the Boom Ultimate! Facebook page, 9:30 AEST. Hot damn.

Australian Womens Teams

The Platypi:

Finishing 5th after a full round robin, the Australian Women’s team will play off for final placings tomorrow morning, also at 9:30am AEST. What a hot time slot, hey? Hope they’ve got enough beach left after the typhoon, we may need to import more sand from Australia. I assume the game will be streamed on their Facebook page like their other games, but this is currently unconfirmed.

Australian Mens Teams

The Reef Sharks:

After the aforementioned defeat to Japan, the Reef Sharks will face Singapore in the bronze medal match. Game on at 11:50 AEST, no word yet if it will be on the official stream, but it’s guaranteed to be watchable somewhere. Like, worst case scenario, Sutas will live-tweet it while playing. He’s that good.

Stats, game schedules and such like are available here:

So, Get around the Sharkies! And the Mud Crabs! And the Hammerheads! And the Platypi! Man, we must be nearly out of native fauna for these Australian teams hey?

Anyway, be around tomorrow morning to see Team Australia hunting for medals and some odd-numbered placings. Say “‘Carn the Green and Gold” and hope for some sun. That’s Australian sand they’re playing on out there.