Brisbane Breakers AUL 2018 Roster Announcement

This team is bound to make waves. Here’s the first roster announcement of the 2018 Brisbane Breakers.

Brisbane Breakers 2018

Kat Smith (marquee player) Ash Martens

Bekah Zeigman

Dom Simpson Lyra Meehan Myles McCallum (marquee player) Calan Spielman

John McNaughton Liam Grimmond

Thomas Vo

What they got

There’s a lot of fun ways to slice this pie! There’s three Friskee players, three Ellipsis teammates, three Colony players (past or present), four 2016 Barramundis…

But there’s only one Liam Grimmond.

Here is a recent photo of Grimmond playing Ultimate.

There is nothing in Ultimate that requires a move such as this. And yet, here he is, legs and arms akimbo, flying through the air. And I can’t help but think - there is probably a very good reason that all of his limbs are above another mans head. I have never seen a photo of Liam Grimmond playing frisbee where his feet are on the ground. This is just how he is. Simply put, Grimmond often makes the impossible seem routine.

But by no stretch (ha!) will Grimmond have to do everything on this team. Boys-wise, it’s almost like a Oceans Eleven-style list of archetypes. John “The Hands” McNaughton, Calan “Deep Shot” Spielman, Thomas “The Distributor” Vo and Myles “Workhorse” McCallum. Together they are...the Breaker Boys (coming to a computer screen near you in August 2018).

Similarly, the girls are a well-balanced mix with full-field huck cannons Dom Simpson and Kat Smith behind the disc shooting for Bekah Zeigman and Lyra Meehan, both of whom are having standout seasons with Ellipsis. Connecting those dots will be Ash Martens, an experienced handler with an enviable range of throws who can be damaging all over the field.

Despite some interstate names here, the aforementioned pie slicing should strengthen the cohesion factor. Plus, Spielman and Vo have recently moved to Brisbane from Sydney, Martens is originally a Queenslander and as for Meehan...well they are called the Breakers!

What they say

The coaches have been totally silent so far, at least to this reporter, on their selection philosophy. There are certainly a few Queensland locals who I expected to see on this list who aren't. Feel free to fill in the blanks with wild speculation.

What they need

Need? Not a lot. Want? A few things.

Going all in on height would be fun, especially for a Brisbane team looking to embody its state’s natural tendancies. The girls and boys on this team are not short by any means and even the shorter players like Ziegman and Vo know how to play tall. But why not go the whole hog and force the other team to respect everyone in both directions. Are you going to cover Spielman/Smith under or deep? This is not an Old El Paso ad; you cannot have both.

If there’s nothing on the table in the draft there though, a stronger midfield could definitely help them bridge the gap between the clay pigeon shooting machines behind the disc and those streaming towards the endzone. But why betray your roots?

One last thing

This would be the best team name in AUL if Brisbane had a beach. Sorry but the wake of the CityCat lapping on the shores of the Brisbane river does not count. Also, is this Liam Grimmond’s greatest highlight? I’ll let you be the judge. [Skip to 4:01 in the video below]

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