Calls Of "Bring Back The Biff" Heard From Sideline Crowd Of SRUC18 Mens Final

Updated: Feb 23, 2018

Tensions were running kind of high over the weekend at Southern Regionals, when the crowd sidelining the men’s final started chanting “bring back the biff”, only further exacerbating the mildly annoyed athletes involved in the ‘conflict’.

If you're after a bit of background, this slight issue arose between the two teams competing in the men’s final. For the sake of anonymity let’s call them Heads of Spirit and Not Chilly.

It was down to the wire, closing moments of the game, with an extremely tight scoreline of 12-7 to Head of Spirit. Sensing the urgency of this critical point in the game, one Heads of Spirit player, let’s call him ‘The World's Biggest Tip Rat’, shouted in the face of a Not Chilly player about to catch an uncontested goal.

The mild-mannered disagreement that ensued will forever go down in the history books as The Battle Of Puffed Up Chests And Somewhat Unkind Words, with introverts from both teams pretending to pull their players away from the argument while cautiously looking out for errant elbows that might give them a nasty bruise.

One bystander went so far as to say that he thought, for the briefest of moments, that the crowd was about to witness a white whale in Ultimate, a real fight. But then he remembered that the evening before, these two teams were at the party rubbing each other down with Deep Heat on the dance floor.

The players from both teams involved quickly forgot their disagreement, going on to amicably share a banana on the sideline while watching the final points of the game.