Canberra Freeze 2018 AUL Roster Announcement

Did the temperature just drop in here? Must be the first roster announcement of the 2018 Canberra Freeze!

2018 Canberra Freeze

Kim Spragg (marquee player)

Adelaide Dennis

Hannah Monty

Hannah Mangan

Liz Edye

Jonno Holmes (marquee player)

Dan Matthews-Hunter

Jamon Shay

Jez Baron

Matt Dowle

With four more players to be announced after the draft...

What they got

Well, Australia’s top two Hannahs, for one (sorry Mitch and Matt)! Anyone who watched BCI on the weekend knows that the women on this team are in fine form. Three out of five of the Freeze take the field in this game between Factory and Ellipsis and, my lord, they SHOW UP!

Liz Edye is a consummate all-rounder and player that not only shines herself, but brings out the best in those around her. Her versatility, both up-field and with the disc, will be an asset to a team that won’t have long to put the pieces together. Pair that with the infamous 5' 11" handler herself Kim Spragg, and the receiving talent of Adelaide Dennis and the aforementioned Hannahs and I've got two words for you. Watch. Out

You know you’ve got a good team when you don’t talk about Matt Dowle until the third paragraph of a write-up. Him, Jonno Holmes and Edye have been playing Ultimate since before the AFDA website existed. In fact, combined they’ve probably been playing longer than the guy who invented the Internet has been alive. These three will be a formidable combo.

Dan Matthews-Hunter, from the Fyshwick school of interminably well-run dump sets, recycles more plastic than most inner-city suburbs and will be a useful stabalising force for the Freeze.

And if you’re wondering who Jamon Shay and Jez Baron are…well, so are we.

What they say

“We had a real focus on selecting local players, people who the Canberra community could rally around. We strived for a mix of Australian Ultimate legends and some who they might've played against or with at league in the last few seasons.

"With Factory Ultimate producing a plethora of top players over the last few years it was really a case of who to leave out for the women. For the men, we have a wealth of experience in the back field and a couple of the most athletic youngsters in the Territory.” - Chris Stephens (coach).

What they need

Some boy block-getters are a must. The Freeze have no shortage of experience and the throwers look pretty sweet from where I’m standing (aka the sideline). But who are you putting on their best male receivers? You can’t rely on Holmes and Dowle for everything…even Dettol only kills 99.9% of germs.

For females, I’d stick with familiarity and in-built connections. There are plenty of Factory and F-Troop (Canberra Mixed) players who would have strong connections with the girls and boys on this team and that could be the difference in the unfamiliar territory of the AUL. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, there were four Canberra girls on the Bluebottles in 2018…just sayin’.

One last thing

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