“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” – Chilly resign Regionals spirit crown after Phat mishap

Chilly Ultimate Club have officially requested for a revision of spirit scores from Southern Regionals, after masters team Phat Chilly awarded an astonishing 18 out of 20 to Div 1 team Hot Chilly, catapulting them to spirit winners of the tournament.

The result of this revision will be that Nunya, a young Ultimate club from Melbourne, will be crowned the new spirit winners. South Australia’s YoungBloods are now second and Hot Chilly are third, with an average score of 10.6. Eventual tournament winners Melbourne Juggernaut, part of the Heads of State club, placed last in spirit, largely owing to a five they received from Chilly’s third team at the tournament, Fresh.

Speaking on behalf of the club, Hot Chilly captain Tom Rogacki apologized for the error, saying that the Phat Chilly team had mistakenly believed each spirit category to be rated out of 5 rather than 4, leading to inflated scores. Although this mistake was rectified in the scoring on Sunday, changes were not made to the already-submitted 17 (against Outbreak Apocalypse) and 18 from Saturday.

“Our club has been around since 2000 and supports players as young as 16 and as old as over 50,” Rogacki said in an email. “So while it’s great to support a masters team, as the old saying goes – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”

Rogacki was clear to point out that the incident was not an attempt to nefariously influence the spirit results and was simply an honest mistake. According to Rogacki, pressure to officially take action came not only from the leadership but also from players who “provided feedback on their strong desire to set the record straight”.

“Chilly Ultimate Club take SOTG very seriously and wish to preserve this important and unique differentiator in our sport,” he wrote. “As a club, we want to be transparent with our mistake and efforts to rectify it.”

Chilly has offered to cover any costs associated with new awards at the discretion of the tournament organisers.


Correction: An earlier version of this story mistakenly said that Hot Chilly had given Melbourne Juggernaut a 5. It was actually Fresh Chilly, one of three Chilly teams at the tournament.