IOU is 1YO

It’s our one year anniversary! Doesn’t time fly when you’re inundated with thought-provoking Ultimate content?

One year ago, we (Mark Evans and Max Halden) released InsideOut Ultimate into the world. After months of backend wrangling, content planning, designing and writing, we were finally ready to share what we had created. And thanks to your contributions, comments, shares and likes, you’ve helped us create a website and community that we’re really proud of.

Here are some of the stats and highlights from one year of IOU

We wouldn’t be where we are without you. More than 20,000 unique visitors have read at least one article but our super-fans (probably you!) are the 6,000 people who have read at least two articles on the site. Once you come back, we can’t keep you away - more than half our traffic has come from you guys. Thanks for the support.

We’ve published at a lot of content from some amazing writers in the past 12 months!

Over 30 authors have contributed nearly 100 articles to the site, and that's not even including some of our team previews from tournaments like NZ Mixed Nats last year.

The most read articles (highlighted above) were:

We’re also super proud of some of the amazing series, we’ve put together with the help of our contributors.

  • Laura Manescu’s Women in Mixed Ultimate series is one of the most deeply researched and impassioned examinations of the mixed division ever published anywhere. It captures the unique challenges and opportunities facing women playing mixed and proposes a bunch of solutions which many teams (including the 2018 Monstars) have taken on board and started implementing.

  • Our ongoing InsideWUCC series, with content from Friskee, Colony and Chilly already published, is helping push the conversation about elite  ultimate in Australia forward - expect even more soon.

  • And, of course, our Believable Fakes. Good to know that we can all still make fun of ourselves.

It’s a been a busy year for us. Both IOU editors have captained and/or coached Worlds teams (one even came back with a Silver medal!), we’ve had injuries, major life changes and more. But running IOU has been a constant pleasure throughout this year thanks to your support, contributions and willingness to join and continue the conversation, offline as well as online.

Expect some big things from us this summer as we enter our second year. We are going to be experimenting with ways to cover our costs from running a website that gets approximately 10,000 pageviews a month. We want to produce even more content that will get tounges wagging and push our community forward. And we want even more of you writing articles about things you care about.

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a great idea or just want to share your thoughts. Thanks for a great first year and here’s to many more!