Kick Spike After Mediocre Goal Received Poorly By Both Teams

Young-blood rookie, Arthur Chung, has been glared at disapprovingly by his opposition after an unjustifiably combative celebration in tournament pool play last weekend. His team, The Capacious Cahoonas, won the game 15-2.

Chung’s goal came after a low energy offensive point, where the Cahoonas worked six relatively unguarded open-side unders for the score. The rookie clap-caught the goal without a defender within five meters, and proceeded to kick spike the disc as high as he could. Turns out, not that high.

“YEEAAHHHH! LET’S GO CAHOONAS!” he yelled, taking the score to 13-2.

Opposition players walked off the field shaking their heads, and made a number of sharp criticisms under their breath on the sideline. The overzealous kick-spike was passive aggressively called out in the Spirit circle as “a bit lame”, and the Cahoonas were given an equally non-confrontational spirit score of 9.

InsideOut approached the captain of The Capacious Cahoonas, Tim Fullard, and received the following apology for the incident:

“On behalf of the Cahoonas, I just want to apologise to the opposition and spectators for the kick spike that marred our otherwise flawless 15-2 victory on Saturday. We at the Cahoonas have put a lot of effort into improving our approach to goal celebrations, and were as disappointed as everyone else to see Arthur Seat produce such a poor kick spike.”

“He made contact with the disc before it was properly flat, causing it to spin at a very unaesthetic angle. This is a rookie error that is not representative at all of our club’s otherwise impeccable technique. The height, also, was extremely disappointing.”

“Rest assured, young Arthur has been reprimanded, and had to stay back after training on Tuesday for additional kick spike training. We promise not to let an incident such as this happen again.”