Oblivious Dog Walker Catches Winning Goal On Universe Point

Middle-aged local, Walter Brown, has become an unlikely hero in the Ultimate community after he clap-caught a disc, he mistakenly believed to be errant, at a tournament this weekend.

The incident occurred on Sunday while Brown was enjoying the October sunshine, whistling an ageing rock tune and walking his dog, Bingo. After tripping on a bright orange cone and realising he’d stumbled into a series of intricately arranged markers, Brown became very distressed. Unable to determine whether he was walking in or out of a structured activity, Brown stood stationary in the end-zone, waving for help from nearby group of similarly dressed, fellow park-goers.

A huck-happy handler mistook the waving Brown for an unmarked teammate, and catapulted a ‘money’ flick right to his chest. Brown absently dropped his dog’s leash and grabbed the Frisbee, smiling politely to the confused sideline.

“You fellas want this back?” he asked, before launching an unsolicited dad backhand 20 metres in the wrong direction.

The handler, Jesse Carpenter, later admitted that he suspected Brown was not a teammate before entering his throwing motion, given his differently coloured shirt, but he couldn’t resist such an agreeable downwind look.

In the end, both Brown and Bingo had a great morning. The dog was later blamed for a steaming pile of shit near the brick mark; the crime was perpetrated during a lengthy rules dispute about whether or not the goal should stand.