Perth Power AUL 2018 Initial Roster Announcement

Warning: This team comes with great responsibility! Here are the first 10 names from the 2018 Perth Power.

2018 Perth Power initial roster

Ellie Murray-Yong (marquee)

Geri Daube

Rachel Deluca

Rebecca Brereton

Sophie Taylor

Peter Eley (marquee)

Alex Gan

Hugh Osborn

Monte Masarei

Ryan Davey

And four more coming in the draft...

What they got

Western Australia loves to be different. Take daylight savings for example, a concept which WA voters have rejected at the ballot box four (FOUR!) times since 1975. Or the fact that they tried to secede from the rest of us back in the 1930s. Or that war they started with emus (and lost).

Well, they’ve done it again folks! Determined to defy expectations, the Power are a team that are sure to get tongues wagging.

With the boys, it’s worth noting the impressive geographical diversity. True-blue Perth boy Peter Eley now lives in Melbourne, Osborn lives in Perth but is originally from Townsville (and is playing with Chilly in Melbourne), Gan is from Sydney, Davey was born and raised in Newcastle, leaving Masarei as the sole hometown hero. I think I racked up frequent flyer points just typing out that sentence.

And it’s a similar story on the girls side, with a few locals and a few interstaters. I might just let the coaches explain...

What they say

“The creation of the Power list was about building a team that the WA Ultimate community could identify with, while also including elite talent from around the country to increase the competitiveness of the team. In the cases of Rebecca Brereton and Sophie Taylor, we were able to address both of these needs. Both Sophie and Bec are homegrown WA talent that have since moved interstate and evolved into two of the best downfield players in the game.” - Dan Rule, Perth Power coach.

“Although they may be less well known on the national stage, WA players and fans will be very familiar with Geri Daube, Rachel Deluca, Monte Masarei and Hugh Osborn. Geri and Rachel have been dominant forces in the women's game for several years with an enviable combination of speed, fitness, disc handling skills and excellent decision-making. Expect these two to get free all over the field and cause chaos for their opposition on defense.

"Monte and Hugh bring a vital athletic combination of height and speed to what is otherwise the shortest roster in the AUL. Monte is a creative and dynamic player capable of playing fluid, efficient offense at very high tempo. Hugh is at his best in big moments of play, and as one of our tallest players, the team will definitely be looking for him to play big!” - Sarah Brereton, Perth Power coach.

What they need

On the girls side, Perth Power have gone with a strategy that’s worked well for WA women's team Kaos in the past - go for explosive athletes, compete on work rate and grind, grind, grind. In addition to the Perth players, Sophie Taylor was in especially fine form at BCI, scoring a heap of great goals from excellently timed and executed cuts. And, if you wanted it, Rebecca Brereton could write you up a quick one-word CV: Crocs.

So the quality and athleticism of these women is in no doubt. What I’d be looking for in the draft is experience. Specifically, that mystical quality of “field sense”. With creative and experienced, coaches Dan Rule and Sarah Brereton at the helm, I think we’re bound to see some interesting defensive looks and block-getting strategies from the Power. While I’d back each and every one of these girls in a one-on-one contest, it’d be great to have the extra level of game awareness that could snag them some cheeky blocks in unexpected places. Especially in this unfamiliar 6v6 environment.

Boys-wise, Alex Gan can absolutely play superstar on this team, but he’s gonna attract a lot of defensive firepower from the other teams. Will Osborn be able to play the crucial supporting role? Similarly, Davey has to be one of the most consistent and damaging players behind the disc at the moment. Will his style match the laid-back hands of Masarei? I sense that Eley’s going to have to connect more dots on this team than a Year 4 student in a colouring competition.

And so for the boys, cohesion and complimentary play styles would do a lot to help bolster this team. Someone to work with the wunderkind Gan in the midfield and take the heat off him. And/or another target for Davey, maybe?

More than anything, the Power need players who can help unite the disparate elements on this team (not to mention the two genders), while keeping the disc flowing and playing smart. Because this team with some greased up gears could be a real contender.

One last thing

I was wondering about the team name Power (Port fans won't be happy) but then turns out this is a real life, non-Photoshopped photograph of Peter Eley…


I don’t know exactly what Ryan Davey can squat but I know it’s three digits and it starts with a 2…

And I know for a fact that the girls on this team put in work at the gym...

I’m not sure if Perth are planning to sell calendars (or start a #fitspo instagram) but maybe they should. And maybe now would be the right time to let you know that you can become a member…

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