Seven Ways To Be Elite

Hi, I'm Gemma Coleman #24.

The other day Mark Evans nervously approached me and asked, "how do you be an elite athlete, Gemma?". A little desperate maybe, but a good question. So I thought I would share some truthbombs with all of you and give you my best tips for becoming a truly elite athlete.

1 - Power of social media

Facebook has over a BILLION users. That's over a billion potential fans!! Create an athlete page like I did and get started on your journey to elite athletedom. Because if you let everyone know how elite you are, you will start to be more elite.

2 - Figure out what you bring to a team

For me it's a magnetic personality, Olympic-level athleticism and a huge toolkit of trickshot throws. But some people are really good at other things like smiling politely, giving high fives or giving people lifts to training.

If you find something you're good at, you should practice it to become the best. Make sure you tell everyone about your elite skill, so your fans know what to look out for.

3 - Run run run!

Ever heard of a slow elite player? Um, no! Do track workouts. Do track with fast players like Rosie Dawson #28 so you can be/beat the best. Nobody ever got anywhere without running fast (or if they did, they didn’t get there very quickly!!)

4 - Spend time with your fans

When you're just starting to become an elite athlete, maybe just your mum and dad are your fans. That's okay! Be nice to the people who support you. They’ll love it, tell their friends, and you’ll get even more fans. I often give out presents to my supporters to show how much they mean to me, like t-shirts and old signed books.

5 - Don't be sad about mistakes

Like Gavin Moore basically said, "don't be so sad about your mistakes". You may think I get my trickshots first go every time, but sometimes I might have to do it a second time to get it. Do I give up? NEVER! Eliteness is moving on and getting better until you're the best.

6 - Throw throw throw!

I like throwing trick shots in scenic locations with my fans cheering me on, but you probably won't have fans (yet!!). Start today at the local oval with a friend or lots of discs. And like IOU said - celebrate when you nail a throw!

7 - And last but not least...

Follow me on Facebook!

Everyone needs a role model. So have a look at how I do eliteness, follow my advice and maybe one day you’ll be as elite as me.