Southern Terra: United And Excited

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

*Co-authored by Terra captain, Holly Reeve.

Southern Terra has been a family, an honour, a privilege, a stepping stone and so much more to many different women who hold the team close to their hearts. So who and what is Southern Terra to the 2018 squad?

Packed with 10 campaign veterans (including all three coaches!), the squad is filled with studs from Broome to Wagga Wagga. Guided by their leadership team, comprised of Captains Holly Reeve, Reyer Carpenter, Lucy Deller, Rachel Joyce and Shannon Carpenter, and Coaches Anna Haynes, Sarah Perkins and Ciaran ‘Cron’ Hudson, the 20 athletes (and irreplaceable physio and manager) that have come together to make up this year’s Australian U20 Women’s Ultimate Team stand united through one simple thing; embodying Southern Terra. And with less than two months until WJUC, Terra wanted to share with the country they are representing, what exactly playing for Terra means to them…

If you have been following any of the girls on their journey to Canada, you may have seen posts peppered with #forterra. Common appearances include the Carpenters' (never sure which twin) #grindforterra, or an iconic Deller #sprintsforterra. It has been an immense communal effort from everyone to make daily decisions with the heart of an athlete. Which means demonstrating our representative status beyond expected trainings, as WJUC preparation is present every moment of every day. Players have sacrificed various luxuries, from soft drink and chocolate (easter was VERY difficult) to garlic bread and muffins. The Terra girls replaced every escalator use with stairs, adjusted daily schedules and social activities for regular sleep. The team has taken it upon themselves to make many common daily choices in recognition of being elite athletes; a challenging mindset for young women in a growing sport. All this, driven by the motivation of doing it ‘for Terra’, because of what Terra encapsulates.

Playing as Southern Terra means three clear things to these athletes: Opportunity, Triumph, Sisters (the result of a heartfelt, tear-jerking circle of confession).

“To represent Australia, in a sport we love, with a network that supports us, is an insane, incredible, unmissable opportunity. We have been presented with a chance to proudly show the world not only our individual passion and performance, but also to prove that Australia is dedicated, spirited and talented. We are all so proud to embody ‘Terra’, and individually strive to achieve the best from this opportunity, to rise to the occasion.

We intend to continuously kick goals, in training and on the World stage, celebrating triumphs big and small. Terra focuses ahead and improves, with ambition to win, working together to achieve this.

These common goals have brought together a crew of young women who otherwise would not have met. Witnessing the dedication of each athlete has established a foundation of trust, respect and protective love that can only be described as becoming sisters.

We are a team who stand together with pride, taking charge and dominating at every opportunity. We are Southern Terra."

With only one camp remaining before taking off to Canada, Terra are already stoked with their progress as a team. From cross field hammer connections with Deller and Kya, to KB’s (Kurstin Banks) illustrious return to the field after ankle surgery, it has been an extraordinary journey so far. Filled with wide community support, the team could not be more psyched to take on the World!

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