Sydney Suns AUL 2018 Roster Announcement

Personally, I would have gone with Suns and Daughters #genderequality. Say hello to the first 10 Sydney Suns for 2018.

2018 Sydney Suns Initial Roster

Rosie Dawson (marquee)

Dani Alexander

Deborah Lee

Rachel Parsons

Sarah Wentworth

Peter Blakeley (marquee)

Mark Evans

Mike Neild

Rob Andrews

Tom Tullett

With four more to come in the draft...

What they got

Ok folks, don’t put the kettle on and don’t get comfortable. This is going to be a quick one.

Here are some facts about the Suns. They have both captains of the World Games team, the Aussie Crocs (that’s Blakeley and Wentworth). In fact, all the boys are Crocs. Meanwhile, Australia’s premier power couple Alexander and Neild will be taking the field together again for the first time since 2016, after bringing the magical heir-apparent Pan into the world. Oh and Croc Rosie Dawson just plays Men’s now.

It feels ridiculous to be highlighting Deborah Lee and Rachel Parsons last on this list - both of these players have amazing block-getting potential, either horizontally (Lee) or vertically (Parsons). These women have both been responsible for some of the best blocks I’ve seen in real life. And yet somehow, they are the ‘worst’ players on this team. Ooft.

Basically, if you’re a Roger Federer fan, I think you’ll like this team. Because, while we all love an underdog story, sometimes it’s fun to see the best be the best.

What they say

“We wanted girls that could guard guys, and guys who can throw to girls.” - Yew Eng Ng, Sydney Suns coach.

“Deb and Rachel are definitely ones to keep an eye on. I have watched them both develop from rookies to game changers on their nationals teams. Both were extremely impressive at u24s. Deb brings a unique blend of athleticism and X factor. Snips is comfortable providing a target or with disc in hand and her ability to create a D is outstanding.”

“And Yewy and I hate each other so the biggest challenge will be to see whether we can even work together without a lethal incident.” - Kylie O’Brien, Sydney Suns coach.

“Even if there is a lethal incident, we have 3.5 medical professionals on the team.” - Yew Eng.

“Lol” - Kylie.

What they need

If you’re hunting for an underdog narrative in this team, well they are somewhat injury prone at the moment. Nield, Evans, Blakeley and Tullett are all under a cloud. Parsons didn’t play Nats to rehab. Maybe they’ll have to play with 5? Could be a fair handicap to be honest.

Anyway, I’m totally biased (#eastcoastbias) and admit it. I greatly respect and admire all of these players: one of them co-edits this publication with me, 2/5ths play for Friskee, etc, etc. You see my dilemma. In the paraphrased words of Bruno Mars, I think they're perfect, just the way they are.

So if I was drafting, I’d go purely for coachable athletes. You’ve got two of Australia’s top coaches to teach you and some of Australia’s best players to throw to you and support you upfield. Just make sure they can take the pressure of having a target on their backs...

One last thing

To: AUL Graphics Wizards

From: Everyone

Subject: Sydney Suns Mascot

Urgently requesting you Photoshop images of Pan into the attached image. Please and thankyou.

*giggles menacingly*

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