The 2018 AUL Un-Draft - Part 3: The Final Four

This is it! The third and final part of the 2018 Un-Draft. Who are our number one picks and who do we wish we could have picked? And who makes Ashley O’Sullivan's Trucc Line? Read on.

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Round One


Pick 1: Eunice Cheung #71 - BB Burglars

“She’s one of Australia's most dynamic handlers with a powerful arsenal of throws that is perfectly suited to the mixed game. I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t go first in the real draft.” - Max

“Hey, our draft is real too!” - Rob


Pick 2: Jodie Palmer #8 - AS Rolls

“She’s a really good glue player who connects receivers to dynamic handler sets really well and will fix any connection issues I have. I’m also doing it spite Ashley” - Rob

[Ed note: Ashley and Jodie are in a romantic relationship. Gross.]

Pick 3: Cath O’Neill - K Rangers

“I’m getting my #eastcoastbias in early. Cath is a great block getter, versatile and will convert for me on O.”

Pick 4: Kerry Justus - HD Littles

“I told you I was picking big! Kerry’s a physically dominant player and she’s on an upwards trend with the WUCC campaign. Boom!” Rob groans. “Urgh I really wanted Kerry. I was hoping she’d wheel.”

“Wheel what?” - everyone

“Wheel around. Like come around again.” - Rob

“That’s not a thing.” - everyone again.

Eunice Cheung showing what number un-draft pick she is with her fingers.


Pick 1: Alex Shepherd - HD Littles

“Didn't have to think about that one. Best cutter in single gender ultimate and has proficiency for playing mixed effectively. Mostly just by skying women, which he loves doing.” - Ashley

“He also won the doolio for Bench this year so that’s pretty hype.” - Rob

Pick 2: Timocles Copland - K Rangers

“Oh man, his defensive is amazing. And his throws. Wow!”

“I’m spite-picking Linus now Caro” - Max

“No, you won’t.” - Caro

*Max thinks* “Yeah, you’re probably right.” - Max

Pick 3: Lachlan McDonald - AS Rolls

“Look, he's not an exciting pick, but by god he's a good one! This guy is a a star killer - shuts the best out of the game and dunks on them on offence.” - Rob

Pick 4: Michael Henry Thomas - BB Burglars

“One of, if not the best, mixed thrower in Australia. He has stepped up his D-game to a whole ‘nother level this year as well. Plus, look at my list. It’s basically just Friskee and Mundis or both. Henry is gonna glue this puppy together.” - Max

Asking why Alex Shepherd he likes skying women so much is like asking a fish why it swims. It just does.

The ones that got away


Hamish Furniss - “Look up utility in the dictionary, you find a picture of Hamish Furniss. He’s my next pick easy.”

Laura Emerson - “ I didn't pick her because of lack of experience and connections with my team but I think she is one of the most exciting players out there at the moment!”


Michael Truong - ” He’s a dynamic handler, very reliable at getting open. Wish there was a spot for him on my list.”

Claire Hussey - “She’s a strong media pick for all our interviews and has great all-round throwing talent that I'm always impressed by.”


Martin “Linus” Forrest - “Love you Linus, you are the glue that we might need if the team cracks.”

Laura Manescu - “Such a solid player but, in a tight draft, she suffers from the height issues. Be taller Laura!”


Brendan Canzirri - “So fast, very dynamic. He’s a bit green but has a very bright future.” Rachael Mihatsch - “I really wanted a lefty hander, and she is one of the best left-handed female throwers in Aus. Couldn't find room for her and I'm sad about it.”

Rachael Mihatsch missed out by thiiiis much

Final teams (vote on FB with the emojis)

Max’s Bungle Bungle Burglars 😮

Eunice Cheung

Bec Carman

Emilya Toney

Caitlin Grange

Alice Si

Michael "Henry" Thomas

Chris Kaliviotis

KahLipp Liew

Loughlin Murphy

Jimmy Tod-Hill


Laura Emerson

Hamish Furniss

Rob’s Alice Spring Rolls 😢

Jodie Palmer

Bella See

Shannon Bubb

Ebony Taylor

Molly Valencour

Lochlan McDonald

Tim Booth

Richard Fernando

Sam McGuckin

Troy Stevenson


Claire Hussey

Michael Truong

Caroline’s Kimberley Rangers ❤️

Cath O'Neill

Rosa Wang

Karen Baker

Viv Yuen

Gen Woods

Timocles Copland

Chris Hill

Ben Sutas

Thomas Deller

Greg Schrader


Laura Manescu

Martin Linus Forrest

Ashley’s Humpty Doo Littles 😡

Kerry Justus

Sally Yu

Annie Jessop

Ruby Anderson

Abbie Dawson

Alex Shepherd

Braden Cheng

Alex Leask

Elliot Cook

Rob Dehollander


Rachael Mihatsch

Brendan Canzirri

And some special b-b-b-bonus content: please enjoy Ashley O’Sullivan’s official..


Kerri Justis Jodie Palmer Giordana Rock Rachel Mihatsch Karina Boyle

Ben Powlay

Rob Dehollander

Tony Castrignano

Paul Denyer

Joseph Hoppe

With reserves:

Kate Robertson

Chris Kaliviotis

Vote for your favourite teams on Facebook! Angry reacts for Ashley’s Humpty Doo Littles, Heart reacts for Caroline’s Kimberley Rangers, Sad reacts for Rob’s Alice Spring Rolls, Wow reacts for Max’s Bungle Bungle Burglers.