The 2018 AUL Un-Draft - Part Two: The Middle Kids

Welcome to part two of the AUL 2018 IOU Un-Draft!

Firstly - make sure you’ve seen the list of players we’re picking from. Otherwise, how will you disagree with our arbitrary decisions?!

Secondly - read part one to understand what we’re doing!

Done? Good. Without further ado, here’s Round Three.

Round Three


Pick 9: Emilya Toney - BB Burgers

“Damn it.” - everyone else

“Yeah sucked in, I got Emilya. She’s got experience, great hands and excellent field awareness. She’s also got great connections with the players I want on my team. I’m mainly just trying to prove that I can pick talented players who aren’t on Friskee.” - Max

Pick 10: Shannon Bubb - AS Rolls

“This is a girl that can put a body on the big threats.” - Rob

“Certified trucc.” - Ashley

“At Nationals, she was totally untroubled by the poor conditions. And this competition is happening in Melbourne, so I need someone who doesn’t mind bad weather.” - Rob

"Zing!" - Max

Pick 11: Karen Baker - K Rangers

“A rock solid handler. The Kimberley Ranges have plenty of rocks so she will fit right in.” - Caroline

Pick 12: Annie Jessop - HD Littles

“I cannot believe Annie is still on the table at Pick 12.” - Ashley

“I didn’t even notice her there!” - Rob

“Yeah, every time someone mentioned her name I would redirect conversation so I could have her for myself haha.” - Ashley

“You sneaky bugger!” - Max

“She’s a proven handler at a Nationals level with creative looks and incredibly efficient and fast movement. So keen.” - Ashley

Annie Jessop hiding/hucking in plain sight


Pick 9: Alex Leask - HD Littles

*shock waves reverberate around the room*

“X-FACTOR BABY!” - Ashley

“Wow.” - Caro

“He’s versatile, he can play as a handler, he can cut, he can do it all. He plays bigger than he is and throws bigger than he should.” - Ashley

[Editors Note: that Cook pick is making a lot of sense now]

Pick 10: Ben Sutas - K Rangers

“SOMEONE FINALLY TOOK HIM! Sutas is going to be so mad he was picked 10th.” - Max

“He’ll be so mad, it might make him play better in the actual AUL” - Ashley

“Yeah, I don’t need to sell Sutas to anyone. He's gonna catch all the throws from everyone and he’s gonna get blocks seemingly just by reaching out and grabbing it out of thin air. And hopefully he won’t mind me saying that he has a sweet ass.” - Caro.

Pick 11: Richard Fernando - AS Rolls

“His name was shining there for you and for meee!” - Ashley

“I wanted a dependable thrower who can get open and I reckon I get that in Nando. A safe pick.” - Rob

“And great chicken.” - Ashley

Pick 12: KahLipp Liew - BB Burglars

“I said I wanted utilities and here’s one now! He’s one of the craftiest handler-types in the game, distributes it well and I think will facilitate greatness in other players. And he can play D too! I hate being marked by him” - Max

“If you wanted all that, you should have picked Truong!” - Ashley

“Oh man….sorry Truonga” - Max

Round Two


Pick 5: Chris Kaliviotis - BB Burglars

“I just want to make sure we score every offensive point. He’s a hard worker, great at mixed, and has a wonderful attitude.” - Max

“I feel like he’s the kind of guy who wins Players Player at every awards night.” - Ashley

“Bang on.” - Max

Pick 6: Tim Booth - AS Rolls

Before the pick: "Everyone on my shortlist right now is so replaceable.” - Rob

After the pick: “Well you certainly can’t replace Tim Booth!” - Caro

“Yeah, he’s a proven high quality player and I think his attitude has changed a lot over the past few years. He’s a really reliable thrower and he was the D-line captain of the Mundis so that says something about his block-getting potential.” - Rob

“What about Sutas, dude?” - Max

“Fair but he’s got throws Sutas doesn't.” - Rob

Pick 7: Chris “Chilly” Hill - K Rangers

*lukewarm response in the room*

“Look, he’s a great puller, he has penetrating throws and I think he played better than Ryan Davey at Nationals” - Caro

*hooting, hollering and wrist snapping of fingers ensues*

“Huge call, I love it.” - Rob

Pick 8: Braden Cheng - HD Littles

*hooting and hollering continues!*

“This guy is an absolute X factor.” - Ashley

“And you love X factor!” - Max

“He’s got lots of experience playing high-level sport...” - Ashley

“And you love high-level sport!” - Max

“ his mental game will be where it needs to be. I just know he wants to be the best on the field at all times. Gonna send him out there to get blocks.” - Ashley

“And you love blocks!” - Max

*Ashley glares*

Braden is clearly happy to have made the Un-Draft


Pick 5: Sally Yu - HD Littles

“I’m spite-picking your girlfriend Rob.” - Ashley

“...” - Rob

“Defensively, I reckon she’s the best person on the list. She has one of the biggest areas of influence; she manages to get blocks on defenders in different postcodes. And chest-high ones at that.” - Ashley

“...” - Rob

Pick 6: Rosa Wang - K Rangers

“This girl is an absolute D-machine. She is egregiously fast on the first few steps. She won’t just get away from the girls on the field, she’ll get away from any player who tries to chase her.” - Caroline

“And also #eastcoastbias?” - Max

“Also #eastcoastbias” - Caroline

Pick 7: Bella See - AS Rolls

“She alternates between offensive rock and defensive athlete. Consistent elite lock-down defense.” - Rob

“You know she can’t hear you right?” - Ashley

[Ed note: Bella lives in the house that the draft was taking place in]

“Yeah but she will probably read it…” - Rob

Pick 8: Bec Carmen - BB Burglars

“This one’s a no-brainer for me. A) Great connections with the other Mundis on my team. B) She’s playing the best Ultimate I’ve ever seen her play this year. C) #friskcoastbias” - Max

Phew! You made it! Here's a bit of bonus content - who do we think the most controversial boy and girl picks from Round 2/3 are.

The teams so far

Max’s Bungle Bungle Burglars

Bec Carman Emilya Toney Caitlin Grange Alice Si

Chris Kaliviotis KahLipp Liew Loughlin Murphy Jimmy Tod-Hill

Rob’s Alice Spring Rolls

Bella See

Shannon Bubb

Ebony Taylor

Molly Valencour

Tim Booth

Richard Fernando

Sam McGuckin

Troy Stevenson

Caroline’s Kimberley Rangers

Rosa Wang

Karen Baker

Viv Yuen

Gen Woods

Chris Hill

Ben Sutas

Thomas Deller

Greg Scharder

Ashley’s Humpty Doo Littles

Sally Yu

Annie Jessop

Ruby Anderson

Abbie Dawson

Braden Cheng

Alex Leask

Elliot Cook

Rob Dehollander

Tune in tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion of the AUL 2018 Un-Draft (and keep your eye out for some cheeky bonus content as well).