The 2018 AUL Un-Draft - Part One: The Dark Horses

Hello and welcome an an incredibly unscientific, very biased, and yet immensely entertaining (TBC) IOU draft of the 2018 AUL. We're calling it the Un-Draft and this is part one (of three).

So the draft players have been released - before you read this article, check out the full list at

We're excited to showcase some of the amazing player who are in the draft and we thought a fun way to do it would be a draft of our own...

The (fake) scenario

The AUL has expanded to 10 teams, meaning four new teams must be drafted from those who have put their names forward. Taking inspiration from the under-represented Northern Territory, we’ve called these teams the:

  • Bungle Bungle Burglars

  • Kimberley Rangers

  • Alice Spring Rolls, and;

  • Humpty Doo Littles

The captain of each of these teams will pick their top 10 athletes in classic draft style - a snaking system with the draft order reversing each round and the genders swapping every second round to ensure balance #genderequity.

We’ll be presenting the draft in three parts, revealing our last 16 picks first! Part two will be Rounds 2 and 3 and the final part will reveal who ALMOST made our teams, as well as our #1 draft picks for 2018. Plus a few bonus extras. Who will make the cut? Read on to find out.

Meet the team captains

Max Halden - The Bungle Bungle Burglars

Editor of InsideOut Ultimate “I’m an offensively-minded utility type so I’m looking for offensively-minded utility types. Duh.”

Caroline Tamas - The Kimberley Rangers

NSW Ultimate Administrator and Manager

“I’m looking for defenders who can get blocks and, like our team name suggestions, I want a wide range of players who can do a wide range of things.”

Robert Swan - The Alice Spring Rolls

U20s Mens Assistant Coach and Commentator

“We won’t have a lot of time to gel so I want throwers who can hit a wide range of targets and recievers who can get blocks if we turn it”.

Ashley O’Sullivan - The Humpty Doo Littles

U24 Worlds Spirit Director 2018

“I want players who are the opposite of our team name - big players who are going to make big plays!”

So, let's get meet the draft dark horses who just made our cut!

Round Five


Pick 17: Alice Si - BB Burglars

“Si by name but unseen by nature!” - Max *room groans* “Alice is going to be coming into the AUL hot off a WUCC campaign with SMOG from the UK and although she might not be a big name yet, I have a feeling she will be. She is one of the fastest players in the draft and that’s going to be invaluable for any team at this level.” - Max

Pick 18: Molly Valencour - AS Rolls

“Molly is coming off an impressive U24s campaign and I trust her to get the job done for me on defense with some huge blocks and layouts (sometimes both). She won’t let me down.” - Rob “She’s also a great media pick. Have you seen her dog’s Instagram? That’s gonna get you some likes.” - Caroline

Pick 19: Gen Woods - K Rangers

*stalks Instagram*

“Oh my god. She is so f***ing tall. Wow. Yes. I’ll take her please.” - Caroline

Pick 20: Abbie Dawson - HD Littles

“Abbie is phenomenal when she’s on.” - Ashley

“And when she’s not…?” - Max

“As her coach, I’m banning her from throwing flicks further than 10 metres.” - Ashley “Do you think she’ll listen to you?” - Rob

“Not a chance.” - Ashley

Abbie Dawson (pictured left) in at Number 20!


Pick 17: Rob Dehollander - HD Littles

Easily the safest player on a pretty wild team, and obviously, a very big physical presence with a lot of height. I need him to run more and eat less though: he’s currently a road train and I only want a single cab truck.” - Ashley

“You’re spelling that t-r-u-c-c, right?” - Rob

“Duh.” - Ashley

Pick 18: Greg Schrader - K Rangers

“This is a media pick, isn’t it Caro?” - Max

“Look, he can definitely be the face of all our media yes. But he’s also an honest workhorse, on O and D, who I know won’t let me down on the field.” - Caroline

Pick 19: Troy Stevenson - AS Rolls

“This one’s a bit of a surprise, but I’m backing the New Zealanders in here to come to the comp with something to prove. He had some very big plays at AUC 2017 and after a WUCC campaign, I think he will make it happen.” - Rob

#PutNZonthemap” - Max

Pick 20: Jimmy Tod-Hill - BB Burglars

“Times like this is when Jimmy tends to shine. He’s got the experience, and even after all these years and a few injuries, he’s still got the athleticism to match it with the best.” - Max

“Are you just picking Mundis?” - Caro

“Caro, this article will be released in reverse, I can’t possibly say who else I have picked (or will pick)” - Max

“Ooo very meta.” - Caro

Jimmy Tod-Hill schooling some other AUL players

Round Four


Pick 13: Loughlin Murphy - BB Burglers

“More #friskcoastbias from you Max!” - Ashley

“Look, it was a really tough choice between him and Sam McGuckin but Murph’s got some inbuilt connections with the players I’ve already picked, he’s more offensive focused than Guck and he had a stellar Nationals final and semi-final. Bluebottles, Friskee, and a newly-minted Sydney-sider...gotta back my boy.” - Max

Pick 14: Sam McGuckin - AS Rolls

“Well after that I can’t really take anyone else can I? Guck’s a spectacular athlete, a superstar defender and has a great range of penetrating throws to back it up.” - Rob

“*cough* discount murph *cough cough*” - Max

“You’re just jealous, Max” - Rob

*Max sulks* Pick 15: Thomas Deller - K Rangers

“Hype hype hype!” - Rob

*Max does Thomas Dellar impression by standing on the couch, yelling, kickspiking a notepad and flexing*

“Yeah look, he’s tall, he’s big, he’s on my team, I want those big boys that’ll get big blocks on D.” - Caroline

“And lots of yelling.” - Ashley “Yeah, lots of yelling as well.” - Caroline

Pick 16: Elliott Cook - HD Littles

*room erupts* wooOOOOowwwwwww! - everyone

[Ed note: Tune in for Part Two to see the madcap theory behind Ashley’s Elliott Cook pick]

“Let’s just say, I expect some big Little plays” - Ashley

“Also, turns out it’s the U24s round - three Goannas and two Bluebottles in four picks! Huge.” - Max

Elliott Cook looks as surprised as we are!


Pick 13: Ruby Anderson - HD Littles

“When Ruby is on the field, I just know that she is just going to do something outrageous. She’s a bit of an unknown, which is great for me and bad for everyone else.” - Ashley

“Yeah actually, how did an Ellipsis player stay on the table until Pick 13?” - Caroline “Not my problem suckers! I mean, she’s still very new but she gets some screamers on D and has that X-factor that I love” - Ashley

“Yeah, you really are obsessed with X-factor, aren’t you? Your team is going to win every game by 5 or lose by 10, I reckon.” - Max

“Rude.” - Ashley

Pick 14: Viv Yuen - K Rangers

“What can’t Viv do? She can throw, she can catch, she can get blocks. I think she’s totally underrated.” - Caroline “She can write too! Actually, is this another media pick, Caro? I feel like you just want free publicity through her blog!” - Ashley “I mean I’ll take it!” - Caroline

“Yeah Viv is a true frisbee nerd...she’ll probably take the stats for your team while playing and then do an in-depth analysis for the blog.” - Ashley

“That would actually be pretty cool.” - Caroline

Pick 15: Ebony Taylor - AS Rolls

“Ebony is tall, athletic and a solid defender and receiver. She’s got experience and she’s versatile, which I think will be key differentiators in this comp.” - Rob

Pick 16: Caitlin Grange - BB Burglars

“Look, honestly, Caitlin is an under-the-radar giant frisbee nerd...I reckon she might be an even bigger frisbee nerd that Viv Yuen.” - Max

“What, no way?!” - Caro

“Ummm, yes way! But mainly, she’s also a sticky defender who will be able to hunt out some creative and devastating blocks in a variety of defences I reckon, especially at the fast-pace of the AUL. She’s going to intimidate some players by being so sticky I reckon” - Max

“You mean like how Rod Phillips would intimidate his children on the field just by being there?” - Rob

“Exactly!” - Max

“Man, we should have picked Rod…” - Ashley

Caitlin Grange literally illustrates my point

Teams so far

Max’s Bungle Bungle Burglars

Caitlin Grange

Alice Si

Loughlin Murphy

Jimmy Tod-Hill

Rob’s Alice Spring Rolls

Ebony Taylor

Molly Valencour

Sam McGuckin

Troy Stevenson

Caroline’s Kimberley Rangers

Viv Yuen

Gen Woods

Thomas Deller

Greg Schrader

Ashley’s Humpty Do Littles

Ruby Anderson

Abbie Dawson

Elliott Cook

Rob DeHollander

Let us know what you think of our picks so far on Facebook or in the comments below. Part two with four more picks each will be released tomorrow night! Stay tuned.