The Greatest Bag 45L Review: For Those Who Dare To Prepare

*Product was supplied for this review, but it was not paid for and is an honest reflection of a full six months of experience with the bag*

The Greatest Bag 45L makes me wish I was organised enough to take advantage of its treasure trove of features.

Overview: 8.5/10

If you are the kind of person who likes to head to training or a tournament knowing that you're equipped to handle anything the weather throws at you (and more), then look no further than the Greatest Bag 45L. This bag sets itself apart from the pack by it’s incredibly array of useful features, aka POCKETS!!! Seriously, this thing is like Batman’s utility belt if he were more interested in chasing plastic than bad guys.

Disc holder, cleat pocket, esky with ice bag (yep, esky), phone holder, rain cover - you name it, this thing’s got it.

It’s worth noting that the Greatest Bag was designed for and made by Ultimate players. Supporting brands like this helps build our community and the products developed for it.


Pros: waterproof, great size, high quality, both shoulder and harness straps, affordable price and literally every function you’ve ever wanted from a frisbee bag

Cons: the design feels a little clunky, it’s quite a ‘boxy’ bag

Price: 8/10

The Greatest Bag 45L will set you back exactly US$100 which at current exchange rates put that at AU$149. This price presents great value for all the Ultimate-specific features the bag offers, none of which you will find on its competitors.

The US$100 price tag puts it slightly above the best available Aussie prices for the Osprey Transporter 40L AU$125 (RRP $179) but below the best available prices for other premium staples like the Patagonia Black Hole 45L (AU$170).

Storage 10/10

At 45L, this bag small around to fit into the carry-on compartment of a plane which is a strong feature for any weekend tournament. But that doesn't stop the Greatest Bag from adding enough storage compartments to force me to list them:

  • The main pocket has enough space to fit all the clothes you need for a hard day of play (or a weekend tournament), it has a mesh interior pocket that’s perfect for toiletries or smaller things like sunscreen or keys

  • Side pocket #1 is for your cleats, and expands to fit two pairs of shoes. This pocket keeps those festering foot prisons from contaminating the rest of your precious gear.

  • Side pocket #2 is a cooler compartment that comes with its own ice bag. This is a wild function for a bag to have but comes in real handy for those hot summer tournaments. If you’re organised enough to grab some ice at tournament central in the morning, then this pocket will keep your drinks cool all day long, which is just such a luxury

  • Side pocket #3 is a ventilated sweaty clothes pocket, perfect for those nasty AF socks you've worn both days because you forgot a second pair. It’s a cool design, with a second zip opening up a mesh extension to the pocket, which of course you can close if it’s raining

  • Side pocket #4 I’ve branded the 'knickknack pocket'. This has a small mesh pocket, as well holding spots for a number of pens and importantly, a hard mobile phone holder which provides some protection for any delicate technology

Design – 7/10

My one major hang-up with this bag is that all the amazing features have resulted in a quite a ‘boxy’ bag. Especially when in ‘backpack’ mode, the Greatest Bag feels a little big on your back. I’m quite critical of these things in my belongings. But for most, less shallow, people the functionality of this bag will more than make up for this.

Durability – 8/10

The Greatest Bag feels durable but perhaps a little less so than other more premium waterproof duffels brands like Patagonia and North Face. This is to be expected though as these more established brands have been making bags for decades. I’ve yet to find any faults on my sample bag and there have been no signs of wear in the six months I’ve been using it.

Weather-resistance 10/10

Most ‘waterproof’ duffels are only water resistant due to the zippers providing a break in the waterproof material. Even so, I’ve not noticed any moisture in my Greatest Bag bag after a couple of hours on the sideline in light rain and in heavier rain, the in-built rain cover (described below) keeps everything bone-dry.

Utility 9/10

The Greatest Bag 45L comes with both a traditional duffel shoulder harness and a stow-able set of backpack straps. The backpack straps stow away behind another zippered flap, which handily can also act as a group cover for you to sit on while doing up your cleats.

The rain cover is a really great feature that just adds another level of waterproofing to this already very weather-resistant bag. It stows away behind yet another discreet little zipper pocket and would come in very handy for Melbourne-based players trying to prepare for ‘4 seasons in a day’.

Greatest Bag features (as listed on the website)

  • Organizer Compartment with zipper pockets, mesh pockets, a hard case for phone or sunglasses, and a clip for keys and/or rings

  • Dedicated Cleats Compartment that can hold 2 pairs of shoes, and a separate, ventilated Iso Compartment for dirty clothes

  • Roomy Main Compartment, big enough to fit your foam roller, laptop, or drone, and a redesigned Disc Holder on the top of the bag that securely holds 2 discs

  • Converts between Backpack or Duffel mode, including a detachable shoulder strap, and a rainfly to keep your gear dry whatever the weather

  • Insulated Cooler Compartment with a FREE 9" Greatest Icebag included keep your drinks and snacks cool, and use the ice bag to ice injuries or cool off