Ultimate New Year's Resolutions 2019

IOU welcomes you to 2019! As we spin into the new year, it’s a convenient time to reflect on important elements of your life and how you could achieve more in these areas. Of course, by ‘year’ we mean season, and by ‘important elements of your life’ we mean Ultimate.

But where to start? Well, for your inspiration convenience, we asked a few of the top players from around Australia to let us know their new year’s Ultimate resolution.

Holly Reeve (Bench)

A big part of why I put my name in to play Men’s Nationals is to force myself to pivot properly, a skill I get lazy with in Women’s and it costs me every so often. I’m willing to get handblocked over and over again in training until I master wide pivots and releases, particularly to help with the upcoming Bluebottles campaign.

The standard I’m going to hold myself to is based on this story Buddy (AO All Star coach) told me:

"A coach pulls one of his players aside, and asks him "how many mistakes are you okay to make in a game?". The player thinks for a while, and answers confidently with "One. I've got room for one error a game". The coach then turns his player to look at the rest of the team. "You have 20 other teammates. Now what would happen if they all have room for only one error?"

So in essence, a standard where I don’t overlook a single mistake, where there is always something to improve on, and that I don't hold my teammates to a different standard, is what I'm aiming for.

Sarah Brereton (Kaos)

This year, as a player, I am going to master pulling. In 12 years of playing I've never dedicated much time to practicing the pull so I'm excited to see what improvements I can achieve with regular and deliberate practice. For the Stingrays, as a coach, I am refining ways to explicitly teach mental skills such as decision-making and field awareness that are usually left up to experience. The aim is to send the Stingrays out on field with the skills that it took us coaches 5-10 years to hone.

Alex Gan (Colony)

I’m going to be making explosive defensive bids to turn pressure into blocks. It’ll start at training and then convert into big blocks at tournaments. Offensively, I’m going to value the disc a lot more and try to have turnover free games, especially vital if I’m on the D line and want to convert breaks consistently.

Lyra Meehan (Rogue)

I feel comfortable with my 10-20 metre throws (95% consistent). This season, I want to work on my 40-60 metre hucks. I want to be at a 95% consistency rate by Nationals 2019.

Specifically, I want to work on my accuracy on my backhand side, and my power and accuracy on my forehand side. I will hold myself accountable, by doing wrist and forearm specific strength and power training at the gym and consistent throwing practice 3 times a week.

#yotd #holdingmyselfacountable

Cat Phillips (Ellipsis)

My new year's resolution is to train with intent. Every time I’m throwing or running or podding, I will compete to win. This is following on from my learnings from WUCC/US Nationals, to continue training with that world standard in mind.