Who Will Win Round 2 Of The AUL 2019?

With Round 1 run and done, Ben Powlay gives his tips on who will come out on top in Round 2!

Sydney Suns vs Brisbane Breakers

Ok, these are the two teams I predicted to make the finals, with Brisbane to win, and even though only one week has passed, I’m ready to turncoat hard.

Truly the tale of two cities, last week Sydney Suns put down a barely smouldering Dragon, and the Breakers were out-Powered. I’m going to chalk that down to new beginnings. On paper I still fancy Brisbane, but this week, and on the pitch, I’m all about the Suns (beyond the financial support they received off me). I think Brisbane will come good, but connections take time, and I think the Suns will be riding high off the first game to take this.

Questions will be around how they will react to a tougher defence from the Brisbane squad, and what happens when Mark Evans doesn’t have receivers in acres of space and things don’t go right every time! Step up the fantastic depth, and step back Mark?

Prediction: 2-1 Sydney Suns

Photo: Pat Thorpe for the Australian Ultimate League

Adelaide Dragons vs Canberra Freeze

The Friday night blockbuster game this week, and the one I’ll definitely be watching…. no… really! Both teams will have this one down as a must win. Adelaide Dragons will be guided by the talented and experienced Worman, hoping she builds on a great Week 1 and that Michael Kelly can find his way out of Mark Evans’ pocket and show what a talented athlete he is.

Canberra are almost there. Last week, a few miscommunications and unforced errors really cost them. They have the receivers, they just need to find their handlers, who were AWOL last game.

Prediction: I back my local side, Canberra Freeze to win a gritty 3-0

Photo: Pat Thorpe for the Australian Ultimate League

Melbourne Flames vs Perth Power

I’m sorry Viv, Max, et. al. for calling the Power an ‘all star and no substance’ team. I couldn’t help be impressed, welcome to the big leagues.

Current champs Melbourne will be a step up from a showy Brisbane side, who only started to find their feet a little too late. While Melbourne have some injury woes, they are smart and match the Power for top-end names and existing chemistry. A win for Perth sets them up nicely for the season, a win for Melbourne is an absolute hand grenade to the ladder, blowing the competition wide open!

Prediction: Wise drops a hand grenade to Dignam in a nail-biter for the 2-1 win to Flames!

Game on from Thursday night - check out https://www.facebook.com/australianultimateleague/ for the live streams!


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