Winter League Hopeful Enlists in Army After AFDA/ADFA Mixup

Stephanie Stephlinsky is set to start her training at an off-shore defence base after accidentally registering for the Australian Army Reserves instead of her local winter league team.

The blunder occurred late last Wednesday night after Stephlinsky, refusing to ask her league captain for assistance, misspelled AFDA in Google. She had already submitted a full application to the Australian Defence Force Academy before she realised what she had done.

“I thought 10k up front was a bit steep for Div 3,” Stephlinsky told our reporters. “But the uniforms did look pretty cool!”

Thinking ‘Navy’, ‘Air Force’ and ‘Army’ were kooky team names, she completed her registration. Stephlinsky was very surprised at the amount of government support the sport had and that many people chose to wear their jerseys underneath their work clothes. She was also impressed that a physical assessment would be required.

Although now headed down a different path, Stephlinsky remains optimistic, claiming “the dental plan looks pretty sweet, and our team had way too many girls anyways.”

“Honestly, I think I was just lucky that I didn’t end up on the Australian Funeral Directors Association website,” she added.

Stephlinsky leaves port this coming Tuesday and hopes the crew has a social disc golf team.