Women You Should Get Around This International Women's Day

There are tonnes of awe-inspiring women’s Ultimate highlights that we could point to today for International Women’s Day. But we all know that Ultimate is more than just what happens on the field. So today, we’d like to take a moment to shout out to all the female athletes, coaches and administrators going above and beyond to promote the sport, inspire women and drive the conversation forward about gender equality.

First up: a caveat. We’ve got plenty to celebrate but we also have so much to do. InsideOut still has only had two female writers (a few more if you count interviews etc. but still). So if you’re reading this and you’ve got thoughts, feelings, or ideas that you want to get out there (and are a woman), please get in touch! Even if it’s only an idea, we can help turn it into a reality. Or if you just want to write, we’ve got plenty of ideas as well!

In no particular order, here’s some of the content you should be getting around this International Women’s Day.

Read Bree Edgar’s amazing reflection on how coaching the Stingray’s to Bronze has helped redefine her career and helped her focus on what matters to her.

Check out Laura Manescu’s unbelievable Women in Mixed Ultimate series. We truly believe this is some of the best content we’ve published here at IOU. It’s well-researched, eye-opening and thought-provoking. Yes, it’s long, but so is your Facebook feed and you’ve made it to the bottom of that before. And the rewards, for anyone who plays Mixed Ultimate or wants to push into the elite levels of our sport, are worth it.

This doco is happening and we couldn’t be more excited. Having raised over $75,000, the team is now travelling around America filming. Check out the inspiring fundraising trailer on their Kickstarter.

The women (and men) at Upwind Ultimate are doing amazing work. They travel around America doing workshops, tournaments and clinics, they produce podcasts, make videos, write articles, shout from the rooftops on social and more. Find all their good work on their website and consider donating or buying their #swag!

If you’ve ever struggled with getting to training, pushing yourself to do that last sprint set, or felt slow on the field, this is the article for you. Sarah Brereton puts it all out there as she looks at the power of teamwork and determination.

You’re missing out if you’re not already subscribed to Thrill of the Game by Viv Yuen. Her thoughtful, honest and insightful reflections on everything from anxiety, to race and gender, to just fan-girling over Roger Federer are a joy to read. Check out Viv’s athlete page as well.

Speaking of athlete pages, there are plenty we’d love to profile but a few stand out to us at IOU.

Gemma Coleman #24 is serving incredible realness, trick shots to rival Brodie Smith, and more roly polys than a primary school gym class.

If you haven’t heard of Mabel Eldred #40, you will soon! Mabel is a coach, player, administrator, and leader. AND SHE’S UNDER 20! We feel old….

Oh and you should check out @CaroAndSally on Instagram to see two of our leading under 24 athletes (Caroline Ma and Sally Yu) at their frisbee frothing best.

Speaking of profiles...

Queensland Ultimate have been profiling some of their amazing Aussie reps for IWD and they are inspirational stuff. Here's just one quote:

“No matter the inherent skill you have, high or low, if you are committed you can achieve great things and overcome adversity.”

Hell yeah. Read interviews from Kat Smith, Viv Yuen, Sophie Taylor and Ava Mueller (they all have athlete pages too!)

The Asian-Oceanic All-Stars will be touring the states after WUCC, in July 2018, showcasing the best female Ultimate talent from the Asia-Oceanic region. Follow their page for updates. Can't wait to see this team tear it up against some of the best teams in the world!

Finally, can we talk about that Mish Phillip’s takedown of Charlie Eisenhood’s hot take about men’s ultimate and viewership? There’s a reason it’s been watched over 50,000 times on Facebook. It’s analytical and angry, fair and frustrated, and bloody well-said! Oh and if you haven't heard this in-depth profile on her from ABC Radio, put some time aside and do it today.

We know we’ve missed stuff (a professional league committed to gender equality anyone?!) so let us know! Sign up to comment below or get on our Facebook page. And tag any women you’d love to see write on IOU while you’re at it. Happy International Women's Day!