Ellipsis Ultimate (MEL) Announces WUCC 2018 Roster

Australia's premier womens club, Ellipsis Ultimate has just announced its roster for WUCC 2018. The roster features athletes from 2017 Crocs, 2016 Firetails and Barramundis, as well as a number of young guns and a smattering of seasoned vets. ​ This will be Ellipsis Ultimate's first appearance at WUCC. The athleticism and experience behind this roster will challenge or outright overpower most other women's sides in Ohio and should see Ellipsis push through to at least the quarter finals bracket. ​ "We do not shy away from the ambition we have for this campaign, nor the belief we have in ourselves." said Ellipsis veteran Cat Phillips, when asked about her team's ambitions for WUCC 2018, "The ability we already have in the team is high, but the potential is higher. We know that with our shared vision, trust, and commitment we will be a force to be reckoned with." ​ Adelaide Dennis Alexandra Prentice Ash Martens Caroline Ma Cat Phillips Crystal Cheung Eva Weatherall Georgia Egan-Griffiths Hannah Mangan Jodie Palmer Kerry Justus Kim Spragg Lisi Moore Lyra Meehan Mikhaila Dignam Myriam Vinot Rebekah Zeigman Ruby Anderson Sally Yu Shannon Trenwith Sophie Taylor Tiffany Chao ​ Follow the Ellipsis Ultimate Facebook page for updates on the local season and their preparations for the WUCC campaign.