IOU Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2017

By Mark Evans

The silly season is finally here, and none are more silly than Ultimate players. So whether you know someone who plays, or are just looking to treat yo'self, this is the perfect gift list for you.

Universe Point Cleats  US$85

These cleats have been developed by Ultimate players, for Ultimate players. I honestly haven’t seen that many of these on the Australian scene, but there are plenty of top level players state-side who have given glowing reviews. If the latest soccer or NFL cleat is out of your price range, why not try these on for size?

Kikko Socks US$12 for 1, US$30 for 3

Just a straight up, old fashioned, good sock. These are the durable, comfortable, stylish crew socks you've been waiting for. 

The Greatest Ultimate Bag (including ice bag) US$119


What's the one thing you always forget to bring to tournaments? For me, it's garbage bags to keep my sideline belongings dry in wet weather. But what if you never needed to worry about that again? Enter the Greatest Ultimate Bag, boasting a whole host of useful features for Ultimate players including cleat and disc pockets, even an inbuilt cooler! Oh and it's water resistant

5 Ultimate Triton Shorts US$40


These shorts are good. Like the Patagonias but with a more athletic cut. Prime territory for looking good both on the field, and at the beach. These are light, breathable and quick dry, but have very little give or stretch in the material.

Fiction 3 Ultimate Gloves US$25.99


As long as you or your giftee are ok with the constant heckling every time you drop a disc, then Friction gloves add a definite stability to your throwing. I've never owned a pair but have thrown with them on occasion, and they absolutely add a measure of spin to your throws and an ability to catch more consistently in adverse conditions.

Spri Tiger Tail 45cm Muscle Roller AU$40


By this point, everyone should know the benefit of sideline soft rolling/massage. If not, get on board. This is the best stick roller I've come across. The handles allow you to apply pressure in right spots ;) no but seriously, it hurts, in a good way. 


All the same points as the Tiger Tail, but you ALSO get a water bottle! Look, it's a bit spenny, but it's a foam roller combined with hydration, that's cool.

Spikeball US$69

Everyone's favourite sideline game, Spikeball is a guaranteed good time, if you haven't played it, well, you should've by now. It's like volley ball meets schoolyard handball in a 2v2 showdown.  

Zone Ultimate Christmas Hoodie US$48.99

Have you ever received feedback from your team captains to be more ‘festive’ on field? Well haven’t we all. Enter the Zone Christmas Hoodie, lightweight and breathable this hoodie is perfect as an outer or under layer.