2018 U24 'Livestream And Chill' Guide - Day 4

By Mark Evans

After a brief hiatus on Day 3, we're back. And just like the sexual tension between you and your 'livestream and chill' date, the action is heating up on Day 4!

After a one day hiatus to rest and rehydrate, you and your ‘Lifestream and Chill’ date are back at it, pumped and excited for a full day of play. Due to their woeful inaccuracy, your faith in these guides is starting to wane, but your thirst for knowledge is greater, leading you back here.

So while we’ve got you, here’s some more wild speculation on a few of the games scheduled for today’s lifestream play.

Australia v Canada (Womens) 9AM (12PM AEST)


Rob Swan said it well in his Day 3 Recap - “Canada will be looking to defend their undefeated streak before playing USA in the afternoon. Australia are looking for a win to force a three way tie, and lock down a spot in semis. These teams are both incredibly athletic, with a good mix of powerful throwers, big deep receivers, and crafty utilities that can find the gaps between both.”

Hot take: Australia Womens (Stingrays) pull out all the stops to win the game on universe 14-13

Australia Womens (Stingrays)

All Aussie teams in Perth have shown extreme YOLO tendencies when given the disc, both on true offense and on the turn. This has resulted in some exciting games and incredible plays, but ultimately will no be sustainable heading into the top end of this tournament. If Australia can steady their offensive ship and apply some long term, full-game pressure on Canada, they will have a far better chance of winning.

Players to watch:

  • Michaela Dunhill #27: This woman is an athlete, who has picked up a handy and threatening arsenal of throws since I last saw her play. Expect to see her on the line when it comes to crunch time

  • Alex Prentice #9: Fresh off a World Games campaign, Pren is no stranger to the big moment. A deep threat downfield and a cool head with the disc, she will need to have a great game for Australia to get over the line

Canada Womens

Canada look best when they are playing confident and aggressive, moving the disc upfield to their cast of athletic receivers and taking shots when they’re on. Against Japan they managed to pull out a victory, but as the pressure started to build, Canada’s throwers looked hesitant to progress the disc, turning the disc on unnecessary lateral passes. They will need to keep their focus to win if Australia starts to build the pressure.

Players to watch:


  • Karen Chan Lim #77: With a whole arsenal of throws, Chan Lim looked like one of the few members of this team willing to take the shot when pressure was up against Japan.

  • Anouchka Beaudry #13: A tall downfield deep threat for this Canada team. Look for her to be the release valve when the going gets tough

USA v. Japan (Women) 1PM (4PM AEST)


A rematch of the 2015 finals, this game is sure to be a barn-burner. Japan’s junky, peachy defensive style has previously put USA out of their rhythm, usually able to just run it in with their athletes. I think that USA will come better prepared to this game, learning from their past losses.

Hot take: USA over-power a ‘less talented than 2015’ Japanese side, 15-7.

USA Womens

USA will be looking to out athlete any team they come up against. Fair enough, they will definitely be the most athletic, experienced team in Perth. Success will come if they can patiently navigate through the difficult Japanese defence.

Players to watch:

  • Claire Trop #77: The youngest player on this squad, Trop has been a defensive standout, generating multiple blocks at key times

  • Amel Awadelkarim #19: Awadelkarim has been a defensive stalwart for USA taking the tough assignments in their games so far. She allegedly marked Manuela Cardenas out of the game in their match against Colombia

Japan Womens

Japan have had a tough run so far, losing on universe to both Australia and Canada. The Japanese are extremely resilient, so don’t expect these losses to impact their attitude towards this game. They will be there to win, and will capitalise on any mistakes made by USA. Success for them will come with strict adherence to their defensive sets and a strong offensive discipline, consistently hitting the small spaces that USA does not expect them to throw to.

Players to watch:

  • Nakayama #17: A central handler for the Japanese offense, Nakayama is trusted to make the hard throws at the right time

  • Yoshira #1: The captain of this squad, Yoshira makes the big plays at key moments for this team, on both sides of the disc

Australia vs Ireland (Mens) 5PM (8PM AEST)


If this game is anything like the pre-quarter Australia played against Ireland at the WUGC 2016, then this will be one of the top games to watch this tournament. Both teams have somewhat similar national identities, with a kind of scrappy, larrikin underdog history. Both teams have a fiery disposition and in direct contrast, an ability to laugh at themselves. For whatever reason this usually results in an incredibly heated, but also respectful game whenever our countries meet at worlds.

Hot take: The Goannas will continue to consistently turn the disc over on offense, then pull out something amazing to earn it back. Ireland will be more consistent, but won’t have the athletic depth to keep up. 15-10 Goannas.

Australia Mens (The Goannas)

I’ve been following this team closely, as a lot of my close friends are playing. I’ve been consistently both disappointed and amazed at their performance. The team is SO athletic, but has no patience on offense. If they can reign in around 50% of their turnovers, they should demolish this Ireland side, and really anyone else at the tournament (besides perhaps USA), but that’s like asking a dog not to wag its tail. At this point you’ve just got to cross your fingers that the top players have the athleticism to make the big plays needed to pull this team over the line.

Players to watch:

  • Liam Grimmond #33: I cannot speak highly enough of Grimmond’s play this tournament. He has been by far the best offensive player on the team, taking the right shots and distributing the disc with ease. He has also played some amazing D and generated countless turns.

  • Bill Foreman #52: Foreman has been another surprise for me at this tournament. He has come up with more than his share of clutch plays at key times. An undeniably talented player, it’s great to see him playing with his head out of his own ass.

Ireland Mens

Ireland play with a selflessness I haven’t seen in many other Ultimate communities, except perhaps New Zealand. Sure they have their star players, but they don’t get so locked into them that they can’t see the rest of the field. They have got all the basics down to a fine art, which makes a team hard to stop. Coming off a huge universe point win against GB, this Ireland team will have the confidence needed to play good game against the Aussies.

Success for this team will come if they can capitalise on Australia’s early offensive errors, keeping a cool head through the defensive pressure Australia will bring.

Players to watch:

  • Dylan Ryan #14: A defensive stalwart for this team, look to Ryan for clutch blocks at key moments in the game, followed by a streaking deep cut to punish the opposition.

  • Ciarán Costello #9: Is a pacey, grinding offensive cutter that hates standing still. Look to him to provide the generating cut for this offensive line.