2018 U24 'Livestream And Chill' Guide - Day 2

By Mark Evans

Your intimate knowledge of Day 1 meant the first date went well, turns out you both love frothing over Ultimate, date #2 is already in the books. Keep up your guru like wisdom with this handy guide to the 2018 U24 live stream Day 2

Stock up on adult diapers, because if you’re not wetting yourself with excitement for these match-ups, then there’s something wrong with you. 


The diapers will also ensure that you and your date won’t need to miss a second of the action for toilet breaks. In addition to this, you will leap over that awkward relationship hurdle of going potty in front of each other. Everyone wins.

New Zealand vs Malaysia (Mixed) 11AM (1PM AEST)


This is a relatively inexperienced matchup and both teams are somewhat unknown to me. For that reason this will be one of the only previews that features accurate coach/player confirmed facts about each team's strategy and players to watch. For your eyes only.


Hot take: The size of the moment and pressure of the livestream gets to both these teams causing a lot of ‘exciting’ option taking. New Zealand will win 15-7 after a close half, as they settle into their rhythm and take the game away from a green Malaysian roster with their height advantage.


Malaysia Mixed


This is the first time this country has sent a team to U24 championships, an important step to take for any country trying to develop it’s youth scene. 


According to their coach, Jamie Craig, Malaysia are a young team and are limited in terms of height, so will try to play a fast style focused on moving the disc quickly and efficiently rather than holding it for the big huck opportunity. Defensively, they’re hoping to use a variety of looks to keep opponents uncomfortable and protect against their lack of size.


Players to watch:

  • Sze Shen Ooi #37 (prounounced 'Say shen’): is the team captain and most internationally experienced player, having represented Singapore in Mixed Division at WUGC in London in 2016. She has an all around skill set and is an intense competitor. You will see her working hard in the lanes on the O line and is likely to get some D line reps as well as she is one of Malaysia’s most elite female defenders.

  • Kirsten Craig #12: One of 2 Canadian imports on the team, Kirsten has spent last 3 years in Malaysia. She is the tallest female player on the team and will take difficult cutting match ups on defense.

  • Dennis Hii #18: the 2nd youngest player on team, don't let his small stature fool you, Dennis is an incredible competitor and sneaky athletic. Will be a stalwart on O line. Big backhand bombs will be forthcoming if the opportunity presents itself.

  • Pravin Sivakumar #20: An absolute workhorse on the D line, Pravin exhibits speed and a "never quit" attitude, making him our leader in generating turnovers. Doing it on both sides, he then quarterbacks this team's fast-break style offense on turn.

New Zealand Mixed (Mangopare)


Likening themselves to a Sharknado, this team will use height to their advantage in this match up. I don’t know this for a fact, but I imagine NZ has sent a mixed team to the U24 champs before, this experience is invaluable in the early stages of a tournament like this.


NZ play a very ‘doing the basics well' style of play. They all know how to break the mark, how to set up a good dump and how to patiently shred a zone. It doesn’t sound like much, but get a team all on the same page, add in a few big athletes and suddenly you’ve got a recipe for success.


Players to watch:

Zeana Mansell #3 (A.k.a. “Z”): Combines strong athleticism with an intelligence and composure that belies her 3 years of experience in the sport. The disc will go through her hands regularly as she marshals the offence. 

Liv Werry #8: While she might lack in height, she makes up for it with her speed and sticky finger one handed grabs. 

Justin Lee #9: Brings an impressive athletic presence to the team with a 6ft 5 frame and 83cm+ vert jump. He wins aerial battles regularly and uses his length to gain many blocks on the mark.

Ben Chong #44: Will be a centre handler for this team, using his fluid throws and movement to work the disc up the field.

USA v. Colombia (Women) 3PM (6PM AEST)


Hot take: this will be a real barn-burner of a game. USA will come away with the victory simply due to the depth across their roster. The Cardenas sisters will ball out. 15-11 USA.


USA Womens


The college season in the US ensures that the talent in its U24 rosters always runs deep. Simply put the athletes have had more experience playing in high-pressure, high stress situations with a cohort of similarly young team mates. Where other teams succumb to the YOLO tendencies lurking in the back of every 20-something year old’s mind, the USA stays strong, understanding that discipline and tight play are key to success on the big stage. 


That being said the 2015 edition of this team fell to a very disciplined Japanese team, who stuck with a perplexing zone and just made use of small ball quick movement to out manourve the Americans. Expect USA to use their height to their advantage and play aggressive with the long ball. Success will come if they can hit these options and apply some pressure to the Cardenas sisters around the disc.


Players to watch:

  • Jaclyn Verzuh #22: What. An. Athlete. Jaclyn has already spent years dominating at the top level of US college/club scene. She will be a key downfield target for this USA squad.

  • Angela Zhu #8: This Callahan winner can do it all. A dominant deep target and a real threat with the disc, Angela will bring a dynamism to any line that she’s on.

  • Rachel Kramer #42: Another 2017 Callahan nominee, look to Kramer to put her body on the line in key defensive points to get her team over the line.


Colombia Womens


Three words: Cardenas, Mauricio, Revolution. In what is fast becoming one of the world’s favourite Ultimate rivalries, Colombia have just started to tip the scales in their favour over continental opponents, USA. It started with an incredible win by the Colombian WG team at TEP, was backed up in pool play at the actual World Games, and then again at the latest US Open, with Revolution beating pretty much all the top US women’s teams to take gold. Colombian women have the athleticism and style to match it with USA, and now they have the confidence that comes from a few solid victories over top opposition. The Cardenas sisters continue to do incredible things, and at the ripe old age of 18, expect these two to be on the scene for the foreseeable future. No doubt the athletes are a huge part of the success but credit also needs to be given to Coach Mauricio, who has totally changed the offensive style of Colombian Ultimate. He is now well-versed in beating the Americans, can he do it again?


Colombian women play with a distinct style that is reminiscent of the Japanese quick small-ball, but they combine this with the occasional long ball to hyper-athletic receivers to keep opposition on their toes. Victory will come if they can manage to stifle a few early US deep shots and keep their composure on offense, not allowing that famously spicy Colombian option-taking to emerge.


Players to watch:

  • Manuela Cardenas #8: Is fast, really fast and has great footwork to match. Watch and learn from this youngster’s ankle breaking cuts upfield.

  • Valeria Cardenas #33: Seems to be more behind the disc than her familial counterpart, expect to see her slinging that rocket of a flick across the field

  • Natalia Gomez #7: She may be small, but she has all the throws in the book. Looks to Natalia to be the offensive centrepiece for this team.

Australia vs Germany (Mens) 5PM (8PM AEST)


Yet another example of the amazing scheduling job the streaming team has done for this tournament, this game will be big. Germany will be looking to huck their way to victory, the Goannas (Australia) will be looking to do the same. WHO WILL DO IT BETTER??? 


No but seriously, there’s going to be some crazy athletic shit going down in this game and I can’t wait. 


Hot take: 15-14 to Australia, who starts on D on universe point.


Germany Mens


The Germans have always been clinical, but recently they’ve added a very threatening deep look to their game that has European teams scrambling to catch up. A lot of this could be attributed to their consistent national team program, spreading the elite strength and conditioning program down the development chain. This results in a really strong national  youth program, and inevitably very capable teams at these youth world events.


Expect this German team to work it comfortably around their handlers before taking deep looks from power position to their cast of 6’+ receivers. Defensively the Germans love poachy junky looks, transitioning into man. A few key switches at the right time could make the difference in this athletic match up.


Players to watch:

  • Mo Brucklacher #16: This fiery handler will be a key difference make offensively for this German team. He has been here a couple of times before, at different age groups, and will anchor any line he’s on.

  • Johannes Schall #67: An elite level shut down defender, Johannes has been taking the tough match ups for Bad Skid and Germany for a number of years. Johannes will be making the big defensive plays for this team.

  • Lars Schmidt #99 and Jan Schmidt #66: You’ve got to assume these guys are at least related, if not twins. Both with 6’3” frames, these guys will be providing the deep looks for Germany’s confident handlers.


Australian Mens (The Goannas)


The Goannas are strong this year, they are running deep lines with plenty of experience and strong guidance from experienced coaches Yew Eng and Alex Ladomatos. Yew Eng coached the 2015 Bluebottles team to a finals appearance, he has the experience and knowledge to make a similar result happen in 2018. 


The Goannas are athletic and fast this year, almost all across the board. They are capable of doing some amazing things. But rather than the spectacular, success for this team will come from the top players doing the little things right. If the Goannas can eliminate the YOLO lean from their playbook, and play a consistently great style of Ultimate, they will go deep into this tournament.


Players to watch:

  • Rob Andrews #25: Just coming off a World Games campaign, Rob has had experience at the very top of the game. He knows what it takes and will be the release valve for this team, on both sides of the disc.

  • Liam Grimmond #33: Captain of this squad, Liam is gangly but unlike most with his stature, has full control over his his extendo-limbs. This guy can really bid when he wants. He has also added a confident small ball offensive style to his game, which leaves opponents unsure of how to guard him.

  • Alex Gan #10: Alex is one of the fastest players in the game at the moment. A workhorse offensive cutter, with a confident array of throws, look for Gan to be a strong initiating cutter for this team.