2018 U24 Day 1 Recap

By Rob Swan

Official U24 WFDF commentator, Rob Swan, gives us his recap of the Day 1 action as well as what to look out for on Day 2


Australia 11 - 12 India

A cracker of a showcase game, India fought back from being 7 - 1 down to eventually take the game on universe point. A difficult loss for the Australians, but a good sign of parity in the division.


  • Colombia 15 - 7 GB

  • Canada 15 - 2 Philippines

  • Australia 15 - 10 Austria

  • Germany 15 - 3 New Zealand

  • USA 15 - 1 Singapore

The women's division is a jam packed schedule, with a full round robin before cutting straight to semi finals.

The favourites took away the game in each matchup, but there is plenty more action to go before anything is decided.


The men's division didn't have any games scheduled for today, they get underway tomorrow

Day 2 Schedule​

Streams (in local Perth time):

  • 9am - Men's - Austria v Taipei

  • 11am - Mixed - New Zealand v Malaysia

  • 1pm - Mixed - GB v Colombia

  • 3pm - Women's - USA v Colombia

  • 5pm - Men's - Australia v Germany

Click here for 'Livestream And Chill' Guide - Day 2

Best Watch:

The USA Colombia matchup in the women's division will be exciting and affect the future of the draw dramatically. USA are still the favourites, but with the Cardenas twins on the Colombian team anything is possible. This really is a matchup of an established powerhouse against a firey game-changer.

Thanks to Pat Thorpe Ultimate Photography for the images in this article