WUCC 2018: Chilly Ultimate (MEL) Announces Roster

By Max Halden

Making its second appearance at World Clubs, Chilly Ultimate has injected some fast, athletic youth into it's traditionally veteran roster. A good mix to take to worlds!

Chilly Ultimate, Australia's longest standing club, has just announced its roster for WUCC 2018. After choosing to play in the Master's Division in Lecco 2014 where they finished 4th, the new look roster is returning to the Open Division for the first time since claiming the bronze medal at World Clubs in 2006.  

While the team still has some veteran names associated with it's success in the past, the team is also full of fresh faces and appears to be investing in some young talent to take the club forward. Lead by experienced head coach Anna Rogacki, who has a proven track record in getting the best out of teams and will hold the team in good stead to take on the rest of the world with confidence.

With a large roster and a good balance of experience and youth, the club will no doubt be banking on some of the club stalwarts to provide the guidance and leadership to younger players, who will be looking to step up at their first taste of worlds level Ultimate.

​Here are the 25 athletes representing Chilly Ultimate at the 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships:

Brennan White
Carlos Castelblanco
Chris Galt
Daniel Moriarty
Esai Selvan
Hugh Osborn
James Naughton
James Osmond
Jasper Pentland
Joshua de Bell
Juan Rueda
Julian Sacre
Lucas Sentou
Mark Junker
Michael Kelly
Michael Lau
Mikael Lacombe
Mike Baker
Mike Larson
Nathan Wragg
Pete Allen
Sebastian Gutierrez 
Steve Campbell
Tom Rogacki
Victor Pupko

Head Coach:
Anna Rogacki

Team Manager:
Laura Cortes

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