Colony Ultimate (SYD) Announces WUCC 2018 Roster

By Max Halden

Full of Australian all-stars, up-and-comers and a couple of key internationals, it will be exciting to see what Colony Ultimate can achieve at WUCC 2018

Australia's premier mens club, Colony Ultimate has just announced its roster for WUCC 2018. The roster features athletes from 2017 Crocs and Team USA, 2016 Dingoes and Barramundis, as well as a number of young guns representing Australia at the upcoming U24 World Championships in Perth.

This will be Colony Ultimate's third appearance at WUCC. Having placed 6th in 2010 and 4th in 2014, will they be able to continue this upward trend?

Abra Garfield
Alex Ladomatos
Alex Shepherd
Angus Macdonald
Ben Powlay
Benjamin Sutas
Chris Kocher
Dan Petrov
Em Hodgson
Gavin Moore
Harrison Revai
Jimmy Mickle
Jimmy Tod-Hill
John McNaughton
Lucas Nicholls
Mark Evans
Mark Wee
Paul Denyer
Pete Eley
Reece Stewart
Rob Andrews
Tom Tulett
Will Norton

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