What Are the Best Attackers in the Ultimate?

Sport is an exciting activity that attracts many people from all over the world. Australia in this lady is no exception. On the territory of this country, many people, perhaps even the entire population is interested in one of the sports. All people are different, and therefore everyone has their own preferences. One is fond of football, while the other loves to watch basketball games. Each person is unique in this regard. But it is worth saying that there is one sport in Australia that certainly attracts more people than other disciplines. This sport is called Ultimate.

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Ultimate is a fun activity where two teams use the disk as their main weapon to try to get as many points as possible and win. Now this discipline is one of the most popular in the country. Every year more and more young people are getting into Ultimate. But it is worth saying that in Australia there are also many excellent attackers with professional skills and abilities. These are the people we would like to talk about today. In this material, you should find detailed information not only about the best attackers in Ultimate but also about the best-attacking attackers. If you read this article, then you can easily recognize the pros during the next Ultimate match.

Best Ultimate Attackers

Tim Lavis

The first person on our list of not only the best attackers but also great attackers is Tim Lavis. Let’s start with the fact that this attacker has really impressive talent. You can safely say that he was born to play Ultimate. All his movements are precise and fast. He will never make any extra move. Teammates always speak of this person only with the best words.
If we talk about his abilities and skills, then we can say that this person is an innate strategist. She has been able to subdue her analytical skills and can now easily predict several of her opponent’s moves. In addition, he can also deservedly be considered one of the fastest attackers in Ultimate. His jumping and disc control is an art in its own right, rarely seen among these kind of attackers in Ultimate.
In general, we can say that this person can really deservedly be called one of the best attackers in this sport. His team always takes only one of the highest places in the standings during the championships. This, of course, is huge merit of each of the players, but in fact, the lion’s share of all successful actions and moves were made thanks to the best Tim Lavis.



Peter Blakely

The next player to talk about is Peter Blakely. This person certainly does not need an additional introduction, because every resident of Australia who is interested in Ultimate knows what kind of attacker he is. He is a kind of a legend in this sport. This is because, probably, none of the other best players can compare with his physical indicators and what he can produce on the field. Yes, we can say for sure that this attacker is an innate athlete who knows exactly how to play in order to win.
Every person who has ever played on the same team with him tells only the best facts about Peter Blakely. Many players say that this person is exactly in the right place. If you need to quickly make a transfer, then this man will be exactly where you need it. Even rivals were surprised at such an amazing ability. This is because it is impossible to be in the right place and at the right time all the time. But in fact, Peter Blakely always succeeded.
In addition, this player also always knew what to do so that the team could win. The best attacker was constantly calm and balanced. You could never hear any ridiculous ideas from him, only the most correct and accurate predictions and strategies that helped the team win.

Tom Rogacki

The third person on our list, which should be mentioned, is Tom Rogacki. This is a man who could do whatever was asked of him. Yes, all the players who played Ultimate with him said that if they wanted to, they could win all the championships in 20 years without losing. It all depended on Tom Rogacki and whether he wanted to win or not. This is another outstanding player who had unique abilities and was born for this sport. It’s hard to think of more examples of people who could play great in every position and field.
Also, for sure there will not be anyone else who could constantly change their positions right during the match. There are very few such people, but in fact, such universal players should make a huge contribution to the development of the team and bring victory. It should also be added that changing positions should be a forced task during the game. But in the case of Tom Rogacki, it was voluntary and almost always brought best results for the team. Coaches had to come up with separate strategies for such a unique player.

Liam Grimmond

Most athletes playing Ultimate should really do wonders with a disc in hand. But there are best players who should do strange or even unusual things even without it. One such player is Liam Grimmond. Thanks to his skill and outstanding skills, this person should really do amazing things. There are many different examples where the public and even experienced athletes have been surprised by what Liam Grimmond does. It is worth saying that if you want to watch a really good athlete play, then you definitely need to watch one of Liam Grimmond’s performances. You will be really shocked at how cool the game shows this athlete.





Move and Watch One Game of These Players

Now you know which best players in Ultimate should be called true professionals. If you want to watch an exciting game and get a lot of positive emotions, then you definitely need to watch a match with their participation.