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What Are the Best Australian Women Ultimate Players?

Ultimate is an exciting sport that was not very popular before, but now every year it attracts more and more fans and young people eager to try their hand at this competition. Australia is one of the countries where this sport has gained its popularity among the population. It should be said that this discipline is intended not only for men, but also for women. Therefore, every year we should observe many users and people who are becoming interested in this sport and want to try their hand at it.

If you are a young girl who has recently become interested in Ultimate and is looking forward to getting into this discipline, you should definitely find a team with which to start your own career in this sport. If you already have a team and train hard, then you should constantly improve your own skills and abilities. This should only be done through training and discovering new techniques. This can only be achieved by watching other people play. That is why it is necessary to watch the matches of successful female players in Ultimate and follow their techniques. In this article, we will talk with you about several women who were able to show the sights in this sport and can really be considered professional athletes.

List of Best Woman Players

Georgia Egan Griffiths

We should start our story with this young girl, who made her debut in this sport only recently, that is, in 2016. In such a short period, she was able to gain great fame and began to be considered one of the best players. Is it possible to name many more people who, in just a few years, have received such fame and gained unique skills and abilities. But what is its specialty?
This is due to the fact that this person has a very aggressive attack. It can completely turn the game around in just a few minutes. If the team is playing against Georgia Egan-Griffiths, then you should always be on your guard and constantly watch what this person is doing. The reason for this is that with her wits and tactics, she can carry out a lightning attack and earn a few points in a few seconds, leading the team to victory.




Cat Phillips

If we are talking not only about the most skillful players in Australia, but also about the best players from all over the world, then Cat Phillips should definitely make this list. This is because there are few people in the world who have been able to train every aspect of the game to perfection. Yes, you didn’t hear it. She was able to really improve every element of the game to near perfection. This is what made this man a truly versatile player. She can play anywhere in the team and show great results in any position. On the one hand, it sounds crazy, but in fact it is a huge work and perseverance that helped her achieve such results in Ultimate.

Dani Alexander

The last athlete we will talk about in this article is also one of the best athletes in Australia who has been able to win the favor of people not only from this country, but from all over the world. But in fact, her best feature is her huge motivation, as well as the thirst for victory. This person is constantly striving to win, even when there are not so many chances to win. She also motivates the entire team to win and energizes everyone to succeed. These are just some of her attractions that will help her achieve victory and better results in Ultimate.






Move and Observe Games of These Players

Now you know about several women who should be called the most skillful players in Ultimate. To get unforgettable impressions and emotions, you just have to look at one of their matches!